Disk Drill

Disk Drill can get back deleted files and recover entire partitions. It's a very easy-to-use software that's ready to solve any problem you may come across

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Who hasn't ever mistakenly deleted an important document from his computer and given it up for lost? The truth is that there are ways to recover it and one of the simplest ones is having Disk Drill. This program, with a great reputation on Mac, is now available for Windows.

The application you need to be able to recover files that have been deleted, whether intentionally or accidentally.

It comes along with plenty of functions, being able to make use of any storage unit, whether a hard drive, flash memories, iPods, memory cards... Together with its support for any file system and its simplicity, it has become an almost essential tool to recover deleted files without any headaches.

Main features

  • Scan and recover documents and files from any unit.
  • Different recovery options.
  • Speed and simplicity.
  • Compatibility with any file system (NTFS, FAT, exFAT...).
  • Recovery of partitions.
  • Registry of deleted documents.
  • Recovery of protected files.

Although the program can be downloaded for free, there's also a pro or full version that incorporates functions that go way beyond those you'll find in a free program. You might have seen a file that says it's a crack with a serial activation code. But don't be so stiff and just spend a few dollars on the full version of Disk Drill. It's worth the money.

This tool is also available for Mac, being considered as one of the best tools you can get hold of for forensic operations that can be carried out on a hard drive... at least at domestic level, of course. To recover files deleted professionally, you're going to need something slightly more powerful.

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