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7.19.0 Teach your dog to sit down, give his paw or do his needs in the right place with Dogo, the dog training app to improve your relationship with your pet
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Get your god back in shape thanks to Dogo, an app that allows both you and your dog to work out with daily exercises to stay healthy. With this tool, you can help your best friend to keep fit and teach him a few tricks to make your owner-pet relationship really close and unique.

A great way to train your dog.

You can help your dog keep a full and happy life and you'll create the perfect atmosphere for him to be peaceful and quiet. You can choose between over 60 different training sessions, each one with step-by-step instructions and illustrations so you never get lost. Thanks to the app's continuous activity tracking you can how you've evolved over time.

Boost your friendship.

Main features of Dogo

  • Use activity markers to indicate behaviours and rewards.
  • Check with experts about the care of your dog through the app.
  • Take part in photo challenges with other dogs.
  • Control the evolution and tricks learned by your dog.
  • Take part in world challenges: flying dogs, snow dogs...

Have fun seeing how your pet evolves, how he learned to sit down, how he gives his paw... All those silly things that break our heart if our pet does them. By the way, make sure you've got plenty of biscuits in your pocket because that's the only valid reward for your best friend.

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Antony Peel
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