Lifestyle Applications for Android

Online shopping, restaurants, travels, movies, hotels.. Find and download lifestyle applications for Android and make the most of your free time

JOOM 3.3.0 English
JOOM 3.3.0

Online store of cheap products made in China

AliExpress 7.6.1 English
AliExpress 7.6.1

The Android app of the most important Chinese online store

Amazon Shopping English
Amazon Shopping

The application of the largest online store on the Internet

Wish 4.31.0 English
Wish 4.31.0

Online store to purchase clothes, technology, and accessories

Android Auto 4.3.591854 English
Android Auto 4.3.591854

Google's essential app for your car

OLX Classifieds 7.6.1 English

App to sell and buy second-hand items to and from private users

LINE Manga 5.5.3 English
LINE Manga 5.5.3

Manga comic reader and store

Uber 4.268.10001 English
Uber 4.268.10001

Fierce ultracapitalism to move around town

Wallapop 1.75.3 English
Wallapop 1.75.3

Classifieds app to buy and sell between individuals

Amazon Flex English
Amazon Flex

Become an Amazon delivery man

Google Books Downloader 2.7 English

Download free or purchased books from Google Books

Tachiyomi 0.8.0 English
Tachiyomi 0.8.0

The best manga reader for Android

ZingBox Manga English
ZingBox Manga

Manga comic reader

Pinduoduo 4.36.2 English
Pinduoduo 4.36.2

Online store for the Chinese market

All Football - Latest News & Videos 3.1.3 English

All the information about the world of football on video

Alibaba App 6.7.1 English

Application for online purchases from China

Mango 1.6.188 English
Mango 1.6.188

Read your favorite Japonese comics from your Android

KK Cash 1.1.2 English
KK Cash 1.1.2

Play to get discount vouchers for your online shopping

Vova 2.31.0 English
Vova 2.31.0

Online store at incredible prices

DENT 2.1.2 English
DENT 2.1.2

Send phone top-ups to other people

letgo 2.7.3 English
letgo 2.7.3

Android app to sell and purchase items between particulars

H&M App 11.2.0 English
H&M App 11.2.0

App of the Swedish company to buy from your phone

Lidl Plus 14.7.4 English
Lidl Plus 14.7.4

This app should interest you if you're a Lidl customer

Autodoc 1.7.0 English
Autodoc 1.7.0

Search for the best spare parts for your car

Just Eat English
Just Eat

The best takeaway service for Android

Aldiko Book Reader 3.0.51 English

eBook reader for Android

Wattpad 8.17.1 English
Wattpad 8.17.1

The app where you can read and download books for free

BlaBlaCar 5.32.1 English
BlaBlaCar 5.32.1

Share expenses when traveling by care

ASOS 4.13.0 English
ASOS 4.13.0

The Android app of the British clothes and fashion store

AppBounty 2.6.3 English
AppBounty 2.6.3

Try out apps and obtain rewards

Amazon Prime Now 4.15.1 English

Amazon's fast deliver service

BuzzVideo 7.0.0 English
BuzzVideo 7.0.0

The application with viral GIFs and videos for Android

Audiobooks from Audible 2.37.0 English

Purchase and download audio-books to your Android device

Beat - Ride app 10.43 English

Move around town with Beat

Banggood 6.7.2 English
Banggood 6.7.2

Online store with thousands of cheap items

Amazon Kindle Lite 1.6 English

Read eBooks from Amazon's store on low-end devics

AutoScout24 9.4.62 English
AutoScout24 9.4.62

Comfortably purchase and sell vehicles

Bershka 2.27.2 English
Bershka 2.27.2

Official app of the Inditex store

appKarma 3.5.32 English
appKarma 3.5.32

Earn rewards and bonuses on your phone

Alsa 5.12.4 English
Alsa 5.12.4

Purchase and manage your bus tickets