Lifestyle Applications for Android

Online shopping, restaurants, travels, movies, hotels.. Find and download lifestyle applications for Android and make the most of your free time

Wattpad 10.57.0 English
Wattpad 10.57.0

The app where you can read and download books for free

Wallapop 1.210.0 English
Wallapop 1.210.0

Classifieds app to buy and sell between individuals

SHEIN 10.7.9 English
SHEIN 10.7.9

Clothes for everyone and a wide selection of varied products at low prices

Amazon Shopping English
Amazon Shopping

The official app of the world's largest online store

Uber 4.521.10001 English
Uber 4.521.10001

Private transport app that provides an alternative to cabs

Fox News 4.69.01 English
Fox News 4.69.01

Official app of the famous subscription news channel

TripAdvisor 57.2 English

Plan and book your trips easily

eBay English

The Android app of the most important auction house on the Internet

Just Eat English
Just Eat

The best food delivery service

DoorDash 15.158.32 English
DoorDash 15.158.32

Your favorite food on your doorstep

Expedia 2024.14.0 English
Expedia 2024.14.0

Get flight and hotel at the best price

Mercado Libre 10.315.4 English
Mercado Libre 10.315.4

The number one buying and selling service in Latin America

Temu 2.59.0 English
Temu 2.59.0

A gigantic marketplace where you will find anything

Airbnb 24.15.1 English
Airbnb 24.15.1

Book accommodation from your Android

Reddit 2024.15.0 English
Reddit 2024.15.0

The official app of the leading news aggregator

AliExpress 8.95.6 English
AliExpress 8.95.6

The official app of the most popular Chinese online store

Android Auto 11.7.645863 English
Android Auto 11.7.645863

The must-have Google app for your car

Toomics 1.5.9 English
Toomics 1.5.9

App to read manga wherever you want

Amazon Kindle English
Amazon Kindle

Amazon's eBook app for Android

Audible 3.73.0 English
Audible 3.73.0

Purchase and download audio-books to your Android device

Vinted 24.13.1 English
Vinted 24.13.1

Buy and sell cheap clothes with Vinted for Android

Zillow English

Find your dream home

Uber Eats 6.210.10002 English
Uber Eats 6.210.10002

Order home delivery food through Uber's drivers

Skyscanner 7.110 English
Skyscanner 7.110

Organize your entire trip with just one app

Vova 2.133.0 English
Vova 2.133.0

Online store at incredible prices

Goodreads 2.55.0 Build 3 English
Goodreads 2.55.0 Build 3

A huge community of reading enthusiasts

Scribd 14.4 English
Scribd 14.4

Access to a bookstore with a flat rate for downloading books

Glovo 5.261.0 English
Glovo 5.261.0

Home delivery of food and other products

foodpanda 24.5.0 English
foodpanda 24.5.0

Choose a restaurant and place your order for home delivery

BBC News English
BBC News

Keep up with the latest news

The Guardian 6.129.20092 English
The Guardian 6.129.20092

The official app of the British newspaper

Deliveroo 3.170.0 English
Deliveroo 3.170.0

The home food delivery app

Lyft English

Get a lift from your Android

Yelp 24.15.0 English
Yelp 24.15.0

Find businesses near you

trivago 6.6.0 English
trivago 6.6.0

Find the perfect accommodation for your vacations

BlaBlaCar 5.165.2 English
BlaBlaCar 5.165.2

Share expenses when traveling by care

Google News English
Google News

The news and customized information service App 45.2 English

The best app to book hotels at a good price

idealista 11.0.0 English
idealista 11.0.0

The app to find a home wherever you need it

Storytel 24.12 English
Storytel 24.12

Subscribe to this platform to listen to audiobooks

BuzzFeed 2023.3 English
BuzzFeed 2023.3

The official app of the news portal

Wish 24.13.0 English
Wish 24.13.0

Online store to purchase clothes, technology, and accessories 14.0 English 14.0

Read mangas, comics, and webtoons for free on your cell phone

Pinduoduo 7.5.0 English
Pinduoduo 7.5.0

An app to enter the Chinese market

Manga Bird 1.05 English

Manga reader for Android

Tachiyomi 0.15.3 English
Tachiyomi 0.15.3

The best manga reader for Android

Gift Play 1.0.235 English
Gift Play 1.0.235

Perform tasks on your phone and win prizes in return

Mihon 0.16.3 English
Mihon 0.16.3

Free open-source manga and comic book reader

Manga Dogs 10.4.7 English
Manga Dogs 10.4.7

Enjoy thousands of manga titles

Google Books Downloader 2.7 English

Download free or purchased books from Google Books

carVertical 2.0.3 English

Check all the details of a vehicle's history

Manga Rock 3.9.12 English
Manga Rock 3.9.12

Read and download manga comics

Manga Reader 1.274 English

Read and download hundreds of manga comics

Google Opinion Rewards 2023120400 English

Answer surveys and earn money to spend on Google Play

Google Task Mate English
Google Task Mate

Earn money by completing simple tasks for Google

Paidwork 8.4 English

List of easy "jobs" to earn real money

Manga Zone 6.5.1 English
Manga Zone 6.5.1

All your manga comics in the same app

Super Manga 1.10 English

Read a lot of manga comfortably

MangaGO 2.0-b2 English
MangaGO 2.0-b2

All the manga you want in your pocket

Cashing 3.6.3 English
Cashing 3.6.3

Answer surveys and earn money

ZingBox Manga English
ZingBox Manga

Manga comic reader

Novelah 1.47 English
Novelah 1.47

Enjoy reading hundreds of novels on your mobile phone

Manga Geek English
Manga Geek

Free manga comic reader

Manga Park W 2.0.1 English

A decent manga reader for Android

Mangamania 1.1 English

Excellent manga comic reader for Android

OfferUp 4.55.0 English
OfferUp 4.55.0

Purchase, sell or give away whatever you want

No Thanks 2.9.43 English
No Thanks 2.9.43

Search for the companies included in the boycott to Israel

Kotatsu 6.7.1 English
Kotatsu 6.7.1

Free reader for manga comics from a range of sources

Taobao English

One of the greatest online stores in China

Manga Master 1.3.3 English

Read and download thousands of manga comics

9177 1.2.0 English
9177 1.2.0

Get the items in your store to match those of the large online stores

Neko 2.12.1 English
Neko 2.12.1

Download and read manga comics

inDrive 5.67.0 English
inDrive 5.67.0

VTC service in which the passenger sets the price

MANGA Plus 1.9.19 English
MANGA Plus 1.9.19

The best manga comics for free on your phone

simsim 1.0.73 English
simsim 1.0.73

A large online store with product videos

Patreon 47.0.11 English
Patreon 47.0.11

Become a patron of your favorite creator

Manga Browser 13.2.2 English

App to read manga

Uber Driver 4.466.10000 English
Uber Driver 4.466.10000

Earn extra money by transporting shipments and passengers

mParivahan 2.0.83 English
mParivahan 2.0.83

App with information about Indian transport services

Comic Box 1.3 English

Online comic reader

Pocket Manga 1.1.6 English

The perfect application for manga fans

Bilibili Comics 3.1.1 English

Thousands of mangas, manhwas, and other comics to read for free

Yango 4.174.3 English
Yango 4.174.3

Transport and home delivery

Kijiji 19.39.0 English
Kijiji 19.39.0

Canada´s biggest app for private buying and selling

Sites in VR 8.14 English

Visit beautiful places in VR

Etsy 6.64.0 English
Etsy 6.64.0

The most inspiring online fashion and accessories store

Yandex Go 4.178.0 English
Yandex Go 4.178.0

The taxi app of the Russian tech giant

Zalando 24.5.0 English
Zalando 24.5.0

With Zalando for Android you'll find the best online clothes store

iOnRoad Augmented Driving 2.0.1 English

App to avoid accidents while driving

Aldiko Book Reader 4.8.1 English

eBook reader for Android

Media365 Book Reader 5.5.2702 English

Book reader, convert, and cataloger

Amazon Flex English
Amazon Flex

Become an Amazon delivery man

Alibaba App 8.35.0 English
Alibaba App 8.35.0

Application for online purchases from China

GlowRoad 4.4.5 English
GlowRoad 4.4.5

Indian marketplace created by Amazon

PlaySpot 4.1.0 English
PlaySpot 4.1.0

Earn money by using your phone

Manga Tag 7.2.9 English
Manga Tag 7.2.9

App for reading mangas in different languages

Toutiao English

The app with all the Chinese news

SauceNAO 1.22 English
SauceNAO 1.22

Reverse search engine for manga images

GearBest Online Shopping 7.6.6 English

The AliExpress for electronic devices

Earneasy24 69 English

Earn money by solving captchas

FootLove 2.0.4 English
FootLove 2.0.4

Platform for buying and selling photos and videos of feet

Gift Fever 1.7.2 English
Gift Fever 1.7.2

Complete tasks to win real skins and prizes

Myne 1.0.0 English
Myne 1.0.0

Download digital books from the Gutenberg Project with the tap of a button

BuzzBreak 1.3.9 English
BuzzBreak 1.3.9

News app that allows you to earn money

Blinkist 10.1.9 English
Blinkist 10.1.9

Non-fiction books for people who don't have time to read

ReadEra 23.06.25 English
ReadEra 23.06.25

Read books comfortably on your Android

MangaDLR 8.0.3 English
MangaDLR 8.0.3

Enjoy the best online manga

Mi Manga Nu 1.76 English

Open Source Online Sleeve Reader

Flightradar24 9.16.0 English

Follow flights all over the world in real time

Moovit English

Use public transport more comfortably

Bolt CA.111.0 English
Bolt CA.111.0

Get around by taxi at a good price

POIZON 5.35.100 English
POIZON 5.35.100

A marketplace for sneakers, fashion and accessories

Carmin 4.2.4 English
Carmin 4.2.4

Wiring diagrams for hundreds of cars

Zinmanga 2.1 English

Enjoy the best manga on your Android

Shopsy 7.17 English
Shopsy 7.17

A store for buying products for you and for others

Eneba 1.0.27 English
Eneba 1.0.27

Marketplace for gamers

Voi 3.160.2 English
Voi 3.160.2

The app for renting scooters and electric bikes

Hacoo 3.5.9 English
Hacoo 3.5.9

Shop millions of products in this online mobile store

AttaPoll 4.0.3 English
AttaPoll 4.0.3

Earn money by answering surveys

Nescafé Dolce Gusto 2.6.1 English

Maximize your coffee maker's potential

maxim 3.15.14h English
maxim 3.15.14h

Order your vehicle to move about comfortably

Car Launcher AGAMA 2.8.1 English

Turn your Android into your car's application launcher

Mi Store 3.26.6 English
Mi Store 3.26.6

Everything related to Xiaomi all in one place

Lazada 7.48.0 English
Lazada 7.48.0

Online store with thousands of products

Google Play Books 2024.2.9.0 English
Google Play Books 2024.2.9.0

Google's reader for eBooks

Greenway 2.0.5 English
Greenway 2.0.5

The app from the eco-friendly store

TravelBoast 1.51 English

Create travel route animations for your social routes

Manga UP! 2.1.2 English
Manga UP! 2.1.2

Square Enix platform to read manga for free

Miravia 1.34.0 English
Miravia 1.34.0

Alibaba's marketplace to compete with Amazon

VIZ Manga 4.2.1 English
VIZ Manga 4.2.1

All the manga in one app

Survey Junkie 1.16.5 English

Earn money by answering surveys

Manga Mew 1.0.2 English
Manga Mew 1.0.2

Read and download manga comics for free

7-Eleven 3.8.9 English
7-Eleven 3.8.9

The official app from the convenience store chain

Lezhin Comics 2023.12.0 English
Lezhin Comics 2023.12.0

App to read comics on your device

MangaToon 3.17.11 English
MangaToon 3.17.11

Read comics in full color on your Android

Grab 5.207.200 English
Grab 5.207.200

Private driver and food on your doorstep

DENT 2.1.2 English
DENT 2.1.2

Send phone top-ups to other people

Gumtree 9.0.13 English
Gumtree 9.0.13

Purchase and sell between individuals with Gumtree for Android

Couchsurfing 5.1.5 English

Travel the world staying with house owners

BURGER KING App 7.14.0 English

The official Burger King application for Android

Swagbucks 5.24 English
Swagbucks 5.24

Win discounts for your online shopping

eBook Reader 5.0.39 English
eBook Reader 5.0.39

Read eBooks on your smartphone

GReward 1.0.49 English
GReward 1.0.49

Earn money with this reward app

GoNovel 2.2.7 English
GoNovel 2.2.7

Free digital novels to read on your mobile

UNIVERSE 1.3.0 English

The news and entertainment platform for K-Pop fans

Poll Pay 6.20.1 English
Poll Pay 6.20.1

Earn money by answering surveys

Zap Surveys 3.21.01 English
Zap Surveys 3.21.01

Make money doing surveys

idealo 24.2.2 English
idealo 24.2.2

Your ideal online shopping partner

Lenskart 2.7.9 English
Lenskart 2.7.9

Online store for glasses

Postmates 6.167.10003 English
Postmates 6.167.10003

The app to order home delivery food