Lifestyle Applications for Android

Online shopping, restaurants, travels, movies, hotels.. Find and download lifestyle applications for Android and make the most of your free time

Reddit 2022.18.0 English
Reddit 2022.18.0

The official app of the leading news aggregator

Wattpad 9.62.0 English
Wattpad 9.62.0

The app where you can read and download books for free

Airbnb 22.18.4 English
Airbnb 22.18.4

Book accommodation from your Android

eBay English

The Android app of the most important auction house on the Internet

Uber 4.420.10002 English
Uber 4.420.10002

Fierce ultracapitalism to move around town

Mercado Libre 10.206.4 English
Mercado Libre 10.206.4

The number one buying and selling service in Latin America

Vinted 22.16.2 English
Vinted 22.16.2

Buy and sell cheap clothes with Vinted for Android

SHEIN 8.1.4 English
SHEIN 8.1.4

Women's fashion at cheap prices

Amazon Shopping English
Amazon Shopping

The application for the largest online store on the Internet

Fox News 4.47.0 English
Fox News 4.47.0

Official app of the famous subscription news channel

Audible 3.26.0 English
Audible 3.26.0

Purchase and download audio-books to your Android device

Uber Eats 6.110.10002 English
Uber Eats 6.110.10002

Order home delivery food through Uber's drivers

Just Eat English
Just Eat

The best food delivery service

BBC News 6.2.26 English
BBC News 6.2.26

Keep up with the latest news

Skyscanner 7.63 English

Organize your entire trip with just one app

Wallapop 1.147.0 English
Wallapop 1.147.0

Classifieds app to buy and sell between individuals

Zillow English

Find your dream home

DoorDash 15.52.15 English
DoorDash 15.52.15

Your favorite food on your doorstep

Expedia 22.18.0 English
Expedia 22.18.0

Get flight and hotel at the best price

TripAdvisor 47.1.1 English
TripAdvisor 47.1.1

Plan and book your trips easily

Shopee 2.87.32 English
Shopee 2.87.32

Purchase online at the best prices

Android Auto 7.6.621713 English
Android Auto 7.6.621713

Google's essential app for your car

AliExpress English

The Android app of the most important Chinese online store

foodpanda 22.8.1 English
foodpanda 22.8.1

Choose a restaurant and place your order for home delivery

Toomics 1.5.2 English
Toomics 1.5.2

App to read manga wherever you want

BlaBlaCar 5.112.0 English
BlaBlaCar 5.112.0

Share expenses when traveling by care App 32.0 English

The best app to book hotels at a good price

Glovo 5.164.0 English
Glovo 5.164.0

Buy from your sofa and get it delivered

Vova 2.133.0 English
Vova 2.133.0

Online store at incredible prices

Google News English
Google News

The news and customized information service

The Guardian 6.82.13333 English
The Guardian 6.82.13333

The official app of the British newspaper

Goodreads 2.37.0 Build 8 English
Goodreads 2.37.0 Build 8

A huge community of reading enthusiasts

Scribd 12.8.1 English
Scribd 12.8.1

Access to a bookstore with a flat rate for downloading books

idealista 9.5.23 English
idealista 9.5.23

The app to find a home wherever you need it

Yelp 22.18.0-26221817 English
Yelp 22.18.0-26221817

Find businesses near you

Amazon Kindle 14.52.100(1.3.256668.0) English
Amazon Kindle 14.52.100(1.3.256668.0)

Amazon's eBook app for Android

Deliveroo 3.92.0 English
Deliveroo 3.92.0

Application for the home delivery of food

Lyft English

Get a lift from your Android

trivago 5.61.0 English
trivago 5.61.0

Search and find accommodation at the best price

Storytel 22.16.2 English
Storytel 22.16.2

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