Lifestyle Applications for Android

Online shopping, restaurants, travels, movies, hotels.. Find and download lifestyle applications for Android and make the most of your free time

AliExpress 8.37.2 English
AliExpress 8.37.2

The Android app of the most important Chinese online store

Amazon Shopping English
Amazon Shopping

The application for the largest online store on the Internet

JOOM 4.4.0 English
JOOM 4.4.0

Online store of cheap products made in China

Wish 21.11.1 English
Wish 21.11.1

Online store to purchase clothes, technology, and accessories

Android Auto 7.1.614553 English
Android Auto 7.1.614553

Google's essential app for your car

LINE Manga 5.7.5 English
LINE Manga 5.7.5

Manga comic reader and store

Uber 4.396.10003 English
Uber 4.396.10003

Fierce ultracapitalism to move around town

Wallapop 1.137.0 English
Wallapop 1.137.0

Classifieds app to buy and sell between individuals

Manga Bird 1.285 English
Manga Bird 1.285

Manga reader for Android

Manga Zone 6.2.8 English
Manga Zone 6.2.8

All your manga comics in the same app

Pinduoduo 5.86.0 English
Pinduoduo 5.86.0

Online store for the Chinese market

Google Books Downloader 2.7 English

Download free or purchased books from Google Books

Super Manga 1.10 English

Read a lot of manga comfortably

Amazon Flex English
Amazon Flex

Become an Amazon delivery man

Manga Tag 7.2.9 English
Manga Tag 7.2.9

App for reading mangas in different languages

Manga Reader 1.274 English

Read and download hundreds of manga comics

Comic Box 1.3 English

Online comic reader

Google Task Mate English
Google Task Mate

Earn money by completing simple tasks for Google

Gift Play 1.0.111 English
Gift Play 1.0.111

Perform tasks on your phone and win prizes in return

UNIVERSE 0.15.2 English

The news and entertainment platform for K-Pop fans

Ranobe 3.1.2 English
Ranobe 3.1.2

Read hundreds of free light novels on your mobile

ZingBox Manga English
ZingBox Manga

Manga comic reader

Tachiyomi 0.11.1 English
Tachiyomi 0.11.1

The best manga reader for Android

Mangamania 1.1 English

Excellent manga comic reader for Android

Cash'em All 3.6.9 English

Get money for playing the games on the app list

SauceNAO 1.7 English

Reverse search engine for manga images

9177 1.2.0 English
9177 1.2.0

Get the items in your store to match those of the large online stores

Manga Browser 13.2.2 English

App to read manga

Novelah 1.02 English
Novelah 1.02

Enjoy reading hundreds of novels on your mobile phone

Neko English

Download and read manga comics

BookMyShow 9.5.0 English
BookMyShow 9.5.0

App to buy tickets for shows

Meesho 10.5.1 English
Meesho 10.5.1

The shopping app that lets you make money

Kijiji 17.1.0 English
Kijiji 17.1.0

Canada´s biggest app for private buying and selling

Manga Geek English
Manga Geek

Free manga comic reader

H&M App 20.11.0 English
H&M App 20.11.0

App of the Swedish company to buy from your phone

Klarna 21.14.102 English
Klarna 21.14.102

Shop at your favorite stores and pay later

mParivahan 2.0.56 English
mParivahan 2.0.56

App with information about Indian transport services

PlaySpot 4.0.22 English
PlaySpot 4.0.22

Earn money by using your phone

Pocket Manga 1.1.6 English

The perfect application for manga fans

Shopee 2.80.21 English
Shopee 2.80.21

Purchase online at the best prices