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Find the best restaurants and hotels with TripAdvisor. Its comment and voting system will help you to choose the best option out of all those available

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Smartphones have become very useful tools when it comes to tourism. And the reason is none the other than the development of applications like TripAdvisor, a great resource to find hotels, restaurants, activities... whatever you need to make the most of your journey.

Opinions that will help you to make your mind up.

One of its most noteworthy aspects is the contribution of its users. Their opinions, experiences and votes will help you to decide, becoming a very reliable guidebook that fits in the palm of your hand.

Main features of TripAdvisor

  • Millions of opinions and user comments.
  • Photos and videos shared by travelers.
  • Search for restaurants of all sorts of food, prices and ratings.
  • Search for nearby places.
  • Add hotels and restaurants that aren't included in the app.
  • Search for flights.
  • Write your own comments and reviews.
  • Download maps, opinions and a favorites section.
  • Over 300 cities to choose from.

No data roaming; just download all the reviews

One of the greatest advantages is the possibility to choose beforehand the city where you're traveling to. Thus, you'll have access to all the information by downloading it, and not having to consume data when it comes to checking any kind of info, avoiding having to pay huge phone bills due to roaming costs.

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Antony Peel
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