Restaurant Review and Table Booking Applications for Android

If you like eating out at restaurants or ordering home delivery food, thanks to these applications you'll always find the best menu from your phone

foodpanda 21.19.1 English
foodpanda 21.19.1

Choose a restaurant and place your order for home delivery

Too Good To Go 21.9.1 English

Fight wasting food whilst you also buy on the cheap

Uber Eats 6.79.10003 English
Uber Eats 6.79.10003

Order home delivery food through Uber's drivers

BURGER KING App 5.30.0 English

The official Burger King application for Android

Just Eat English
Just Eat

The best food delivery service

Talabat 7.7.4 English
Talabat 7.7.4

Order your food online 5.0.8 English

Find your menu at the best price

DiDi Food 1.3.2 English
DiDi Food 1.3.2

Enjoy the best food at home

OLIO 2.68.9 English
OLIO 2.68.9

Give away food that you don't need or get food for free

Phenix 3.63.0 English
Phenix 3.63.0

Helps avoid food waste

Geev 3.2.19 English
Geev 3.2.19

Donate what you do not need and get items and food in return

TripAdvisor 44.1 English

Plan and book your trips easily

Yelp for Business 21.39.0-21213917 English
Yelp for Business 21.39.0-21213917

Manage your business on Yelp from your smartphone

KFC 8.3.7 English
KFC 8.3.7

Kentucky Fried Chicken's official app

ShareTheMeal 6.31.0 English
ShareTheMeal 6.31.0

Solidarity application to bring food to children in need

Favor 1.22.5-3f92914.1192 English
Favor 1.22.5-3f92914.1192

Ask for anything in your city and have it delivered within the hour

Subway 28.0.3 English
Subway 28.0.3

Official app of the popular snacks and sandwiches restaurant

Wolt 3.20.2 English
Wolt 3.20.2

Get home food delivery from restaurants in your city

Starbucks 6.4 English

Say goodbye to waiting in line and paying in cash

Deliveroo 3.77.0 English
Deliveroo 3.77.0

Application for the home delivery of food

McDonald's 6.18.2 English
McDonald's 6.18.2

The official McDonald's app for Android

Yelp 21.42.0-21214212 English
Yelp 21.42.0-21214212

Find businesses near you

HungerStation 8.0.36 English

Order food (or whatever you need) home delivery 7.9.1 English

Order home food delivery on your Android

BeyondMenu 2.90 English

Order food at home or make reservations at restaurants without calling

Foodhub 9.6 English
Foodhub 9.6

Your take-away and home-delivery app

goPuff 3.31.2 English
goPuff 3.31.2

Buy commodities and receive them at home

Chipotle 10.2.0 English
Chipotle 10.2.0

Order mexican takeaway

Taco Bell 7.23.0 English
Taco Bell 7.23.0

The US fast food chain's official app

BigDish 3.12.38 English
BigDish 3.12.38

Book a table in a restaurant with a discount

eatigo 6.5 English
eatigo 6.5

Make reservations in restaurants with juicy discounts

Quandoo 3.11.0-1 English
Quandoo 3.11.0-1

The app to make reservations in the best restaurants

Resy 1.16.2-606 English
Resy 1.16.2-606

Make reservations at the best restaurants from your Android

Nescafé Dolce Gusto 2.6.1 English

Maximize your coffee maker's potential

Drizly 4.19.5 English
Drizly 4.19.5

All kinds of drinks, wines, and beers on delivery

BevQ 4.0 English
BevQ 4.0

Reserve your line number to buy your drinks

EatSure 6.0.7 English
EatSure 6.0.7

Order food from many Indian establishments

Seamless 7.153 English
Seamless 7.153

App to order food delivered at home

OpenTable English

App for making restaurant reservations

Quit Meat 1.8 English

A little bit of help for those who want to become vegetarian or vegan