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Before going out, check Zofari on your Android and find out which are the best places to meet up. Zofari offers interesting recommendations about places

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To be able to enjoy our leisure time more and better, it's always handy to have an application like Zofari, a complete recommendations service, initially developed by the Zofari team and then purchased by Yahoo!

Access complete city guides.

A real American coffee, a visit to a pub with Mexican food or dinner at a Japanese restaurant. Zofari has a wide collection of places to recommend, with which any user will be totally satisfied.

The Pandora service for places

Based on the City Genome project, Zofari intends to become a service with similar features to those of Pandora, but instead of working in the musical field, its purpose is to offer appropriate recommendations to its users about interesting places in their surroundings, to go out and meet up with their friends.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Yahoo! Inc
Over a year ago
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