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Are you throwing a party and you are running out of alcohol or ice? With Drizly, you can place a quick order and receive your products directly at home


All kinds of drinks, wines, and beers on delivery

June 14, 2021
6 / 10

Delivery services get to a new level with Drizly. If it was not good enough to be able to order any kind of food at home with a couple of touches of the screen, send a driver to get your wallet or your keys at ridiculous rates, or receive packages in 24 hours thanks to thousands of workers with endless journeys, now you can receive the booze for your party nights directly at home.

Amazing. This service, currently available only in the United States, lets you order all kinds of alcohol directly from your smartphone without having to go out to the nearest store. Also, it offers all the necessary features to compare prices and brands, pay comfortably, and receive the order. It is time to say goodbye to those short trips to the local grocery and retail store, we will surely miss being recommended the best IPAs and free samples.

Main features

  • It lets you choose from thousands of beers, wines, and high-grade alcohols.
  • It includes a price comparator between shops that deliver to the customer's address and discount coupons.
  • It lets you pay directly with your card from the application.
  • The service includes customer support in case you need advice or help to choose between different brands.
  • Depending on the customer's location, it offers deliveries in one hour or shipments to be received in two or three days.

With Drizly, you can add a few more rounds of cocktails to your party, send a nice bottle of champagne on a friend's birthday, or liven up an endless and boring party in a snap.

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