Transport and Travel Applications for Android

In this selection of travel and transport apps for Android you can find train, bus or plane tickets, as well as car sharing, road safety and speed trap apps

Uber 4.465.10001 English
Uber 4.465.10001

Fierce ultracapitalism to move around town

Expedia 23.11.0 English
Expedia 23.11.0

Get flight and hotel at the best price

Skyscanner 7.84 English

Organize your entire trip with just one app

Android Auto 9.2.1312 English
Android Auto 9.2.1312

Google's essential app for your car

Lyft English

Get a lift from your Android

BlaBlaCar 5.136.0 English
BlaBlaCar 5.136.0

Share expenses when traveling by care

carVertical 1.6.7 English

Check all the details of a vehicle's history

mParivahan 2.0.83 English
mParivahan 2.0.83

App with information about Indian transport services

Car Launcher AGAMA 2.8.1 English

Turn your Android into your car's application launcher

Yandex Go 4.117.0 English
Yandex Go 4.117.0

The taxi app of the Russian tech giant

Uber Driver 4.371.10001 English
Uber Driver 4.371.10001

Earn extra money by transporting shipments and passengers

DiDi-Rider 7.3.44 English
DiDi-Rider 7.3.44

Move around town with your private driver

Ola Driver English
Ola Driver

Become an Ola driver

Rapido 6.2.11 English
Rapido 6.2.11

Motorbike taxi for getting around the city

inDrive 5.14.0 English
inDrive 5.14.0

VTC app that is an alternative to Uber and Cabify

Lime 3.37.2 English
Lime 3.37.2

Move around town on an electric scooter

Bolt CA.40.2 English
Bolt CA.40.2

Get around by taxi at a good price

Where is my Train 6.8.9 English

Check your train status

Moovit English

Use public transport more comfortably

iOnRoad Augmented Driving 2.0.1 English

App to avoid accidents while driving 7.68.2 English 7.68.2

Manage your trip from your Android

Sites in VR 8.14 English

Visit beautiful places in VR

maxim 3.12.22 English
maxim 3.12.22

Order your vehicle to move about comfortably

Sygic Travel 5.14.4 English
Sygic Travel 5.14.4

Plan hassle-free travel

LINK 4.0.1 English
LINK 4.0.1

Get around town by scooter

Grab Driver 5.203.0 English
Grab Driver 5.203.0

Earn money as a VTC driver

Way-in English

Find gas stations near wherever you happen to be

Autodoc 1.9.9 English
Autodoc 1.9.9

Search for the best spare parts for your car

Hopper 5.27.4 English
Hopper 5.27.4

App that predicts the best time to book flights and accommodation

TIER 4.0.26 English
TIER 4.0.26

The app to rent electric scooters and bicycles

Qatar Airways 13.1 English

Book and manage your flights

Heetch 5.62.2 English
Heetch 5.62.2

On-demand passenger transportation 2021.11.1 English 2021.11.1

Rent a vehicle in seconds

Jetcost 4.6.4 English
Jetcost 4.6.4

Book flights and rent vehicles from your smartphone

Snapp 5.16.0 English
Snapp 5.16.0

The transportation app for the Middle East

YEGO 4.3.10 English
YEGO 4.3.10

Rent green vehicles to move around the city

GetYourGuide 23.7.1 English
GetYourGuide 23.7.1

Find the best activities for your trips

Triposo 4.6.0 English
Triposo 4.6.0

Plan your dream trip

Getaround 9.15.0 English
Getaround 9.15.0

Rent cars by the hour or by the day

Careem 12.20 English
Careem 12.20

The Uber for Muslim countries

FlightStats 3.3.4 English

Track flight status in real-time

ConfirmTkt 7.6.3 English
ConfirmTkt 7.6.3

Book train tickets from the Indian railway service

Hurb 6.18.1 English
Hurb 6.18.1

Brazil's largest online travel agency in your pocket

Polarsteps 6.6.2 English
Polarsteps 6.6.2

Prepare your trips and record all your memories

MakeMyTrip 8.6.3 English
MakeMyTrip 8.6.3

Book your next trip from your mobile

ParKing 6.6.0 English
ParKing 6.6.0

Never again forget where you parked your car

Lalamove Driver 108.9.2 English

The app for delivery service drivers

Dott 2.47.0 English
Dott 2.47.0

The app for renting scooters and bikes

Iberia 12.0.0 English
Iberia 12.0.0

The official app of the Spanish airline

Yandex.Metro 3.6.3 English

View subway maps and schedules in cities worldwide

SIXT 9.64.0-11482 English
SIXT 9.64.0-11482

Rent cars, order cabs and share vehicles

Visit A City 4.1.11 English
Visit A City 4.1.11

Find interesting activities in all cities

Bird English

The official app for renting electric scooters

MileIQ English

Mileage tracker for business costs

Traveloka 3.69.0 English
Traveloka 3.69.0

Book everything you need for your vacation like flights, cars, and hotels

Playsee 8.2.1 English
Playsee 8.2.1

Social network for travelers and adventurers

Easy Taxi 8.68.0 English
Easy Taxi 8.68.0

Cabify's app offers different urban mobility services

Skiplagged 3.6.0 English
Skiplagged 3.6.0

Find cheap flights thanks to skiplagging

Uber Lite 1.128.10000 English
Uber Lite 1.128.10000

The lightweight version of Uber

99 - Private Driver and Taxi 6.21.6 English

Your taxi or private driver in the same Android app

Ryanair 3.130.0 English
Ryanair 3.130.0

Manage your low-cost flights from this app

Omio 8.9.0 English
Omio 8.9.0

Find the cheapest way to travel

Drivemode 7.5.34 English
Drivemode 7.5.34

The car mode for your mobile phone

Destinia 7.7.1 English
Destinia 7.7.1

Search for flights, rental cars, and hotels at the best rates

EMT Madrid 9.3.0 English
EMT Madrid 9.3.0

Official app of Madrid public transport service

Bip&Drive 2022.11.001 English
Bip&Drive 2022.11.001

Everything a driver needs in one app

Civitatis 5.2.2-build.1031 English
Civitatis 5.2.2-build.1031

Activities of all kinds for your travels

Revel 3.12.0 English
Revel 3.12.0

Electric vehicle rental service

Tembici 9.3.0 English
Tembici 9.3.0

The official app of the Brazilian bike rental service

Volaris 2.9.3 English
Volaris 2.9.3

The official app of the Mexican low-cost airline

Flowbird Parking 2.14 English

Application to pay for parking in paid urban zones

PideTaxi 6.3.1 English
PideTaxi 6.3.1

The official app to order a cab in Spain

Toyota 2.0.4 English
Toyota 2.0.4

Tools to stay connected with your vehicle

Neuron 4.54.2 English
Neuron 4.54.2

The app for renting the company's e-scooters and e-bikes

Bolt Driver DA.37.0 English
Bolt Driver DA.37.0

The Bolt drivers app

Cheap Refuel 2.12 English

Find the cheapest gas stations in your area

Gas Now 4.4.36 English
Gas Now 4.4.36

Find gas stations and their prices updated in real-time

Tesla 4.8.0-1025 English
Tesla 4.8.0-1025

Control your brand car or batteries with your cell phone

Spin 2.61.0 English
Spin 2.61.0

Move around the city on an electric scooter

Yango 4.59.0 English
Yango 4.59.0

Transport and home delivery

Opodo 4.572.0 English
Opodo 4.572.0

The online travel agency with tons of deals

Voi 3.160.2 English
Voi 3.160.2

The app for renting scooters and electric bikes

British Airways 4.56 English

The British airline app

TrainPal 2.2.1 English
TrainPal 2.2.1

Buy train and bus tickets for travel in Europe

Klook 6.13.0 English
Klook 6.13.0

The best activities and experiences in your area

Lyft Driver 1003.25.3.1628061224 English
Lyft Driver 1003.25.3.1628061224

The official app for Lyft drivers

Uber Fleet 1.214.10000 English
Uber Fleet 1.214.10000

The app for Uber partner drivers

Rome2rio 2.1.16 English
Rome2rio 2.1.16

Transport information for your travels and journeys

Urent 0.88 English
Urent 0.88

Alquilar e-scooters y bicicletas para moverse por la ciudad

Whoosh 1.7.1 English
Whoosh 1.7.1

Rent an electric scooter to get around the city

Prezzi Benzina English
Prezzi Benzina

Find the cheapest gas stations in your area

Turo 22.4.1 English
Turo 22.4.1

Car sharing and car rental in more than 5,000 cities

Orbitz 21.15.0 English
Orbitz 21.15.0

Book hotels, search for flights, buy tickets and rent a car 2.3.11 English 2.3.11

Compare prices and rent vehicles with your smartphone

Priceline 5.8.236 English
Priceline 5.8.236

Save time and money by planning your travels

Pathao 6.9.0 English
Pathao 6.9.0

On-demand travel and home delivery

Waze Carpool English
Waze Carpool

Waze's car sharing app

Radar Maps 7.0 English

Forget about speeding tickets!

Speedway 5.0 English

The official app of the American gas station chain

Drivvo 7.7.3 English
Drivvo 7.7.3

Finance manager for drivers

EasyWay 4.1.0 English
EasyWay 4.1.0

Your public transport app for northern Europe

Offi 11.3.6 English
Offi 11.3.6

Public Transportation Trip Planner

VRR-App 5.58.17522 English
VRR-App 5.58.17522

The app for moving around with public transport in the Rhine-Ruhr region of Germany 3.5.0 English 3.5.0

Speed camera and highway hazard detector

Jetradar 3.49.0 English
Jetradar 3.49.0

Get the best deals on air travel

Car Dashdroid 2.3.12 English

Have fun driving without distractions

SpotHero 4.55.0 English
SpotHero 4.55.0

Book a place in thousands of car parks

Tokyo Disney Resort 1.6.1 English

The official app of the magical Japanese theme park

App in the Air 5.4.0 English

Check your flight status in real-time

The Flight Tracker 2.6.7 English

Manage and track your flights in real time

Flight Board 6.2 English

Check the updated status of flights

Air Traffic 16.1 English

Follow air traffic in real time

Fuel Flash 1.26.2 English
Fuel Flash 1.26.2

What's the cheapest gas station?

easyJet 2.61.2 English
easyJet 2.61.2

Book flights from your Android

Cooltra 4.6.3 English
Cooltra 4.6.3

Rent electric scooters in your city

HolidayPirates 3.2.6 English

Find the best deals for your trips

Planes Live 1.25.0 English
Planes Live 1.25.0

App to track flights in real time

TripIt 11.4.1 English
TripIt 11.4.1

Plan all your trips down to the last detail

Cheapflights 125.2 English

Find the cheapest plane tickets

KAYAK 133.0 English
KAYAK 133.0

Search for cheap cars, flights, and hotels

Grab 5.207.200 English
Grab 5.207.200

Private driver and food on your doorstep 89.1.1 English 89.1.1

Buy train tickets in France

Beat Driver 12.52.1 English
Beat Driver 12.52.1

The app for Beat's drivers

99 POP - Ridesharing 6.2.0 English

Application similar to Uber that operates in Brazil

GasBuddy: Find Cheap Gas 6.2.69 21469 English

Application to find cheap gas stations

Alsa 7.5.0 English
Alsa 7.5.0

Purchase and manage your bus tickets

Gas Stations Spain 3.6.3 English

Check fuel prices throughout Spain

Flightradar24 8.18.8 English

Follow flights all over the world in real time

Gasoline and Diesel Spain 3.2.5 English

Find cheap fuel stations

Vueling 12.3.0 English
Vueling 12.3.0

The official app of the low-cost airline

RideU 1.0.1 English
RideU 1.0.1

Find a bike in the city

Anywayanyday 6.0.2 English

Plan your trips with this flight and hotel search engine

Amovens 7.7.2 English
Amovens 7.7.2

The app to share expenses on your trips

FlightTrack 1.1 English

The best guide for your flights

City Maps 2Go 12.0.2 English

Offline interactive maps and travel guides

Pepecar 2.1.2 English
Pepecar 2.1.2

Rent cheap cars from your Android

Hertz RentACar 5.4 English

Rent a car from your mobile

minube 6.9.17 English
minube 6.9.17

Get inspiration for your travels

ContraCam 3.1.00-Google English
ContraCam 3.1.00-Google

Speed camera and radar detector

Cabify Driver 8.21.1 English

The app for the company's drivers

My Pertamina 3.6.0 English

Find Pertamina gas stations near you and use the app to pay and get points

Beam 1.79.1 English
Beam 1.79.1

App to rent scooters and electric bikes by this brand

PayByPhone English

Pay for your parking using your cell phone

GasAll 4.5.2 English
GasAll 4.5.2

Find the cheapest and nearest gas stations

Rakuten Travel 7.17.1 English

The Japanese travel agency in a mobile format

Zoomcar 8.5.0 English
Zoomcar 8.5.0

Car rental service without driver at your doorstep

WIND English

Rent electric scooters with the help of your cell phone

Travelocity 22.3.0 English
Travelocity 22.3.0

Book complete trips on this app

TripCase 4.15.5 English
TripCase 4.15.5

Organize all the details of your trip

Transit 5.10.8 English
Transit 5.10.8

The app you need to travel by public transport