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The Uber application for Android intends to be a taxi alternative for transporting passengers. Order a transport from your smartphone with a single tap

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This application has appeared as the alternative passenger transport method to the taxi. On the one hand, it has a network of drivers that put their own vehicles at the service of the application and, on the other, its users order the vehicles through the official Uber app. You've only got to register with your phone number, share your location, and that's it.

That's how Uber works, the most controversial passenger transport service that's working in hundreds of cities around the world. An alternative to the traditional taxi and other means of urban transport the expansion of which has been benefited by its ground-breaking technology to order a car and, of course, by the financing rounds that have provided it with financial oxygen.

If you've followed the news lately, you should already know what it's all about and it's problems with taxi drivers in cities all over the world due to their accusation of unloyal competition and bursting prices.

How does Uber work?

The Android app works exactly the same as the iOS application for iPhone. In other words, you just have to follow these instructions:

  1. Step 1: After signing up, open the application and say where you want to go.
  2. Step 2: The app will send your location to the drivers and one of them will accept the service.
  3. Step 3: You'll see the driver's photo on your screen, information about the vehicle, and you can control its arrival on a map.
  4. Step 4: You can pay by credit card, cash, or even Android Pay and PayPal in certain cities.
  5. Step 5: Rate your driver and his vehicle.

The company has also developed other services such as UberEATS to carry food, UberX, and Uber Black for premium transport.

The collaborative economy of Goldman Sachs

It's definitely one of the most controversial apps of the last few years due to its fights with the taxi sector. Its creator and former CEO, Travis Kalanick, has defined it as a collaborative economy application, a concept that everybody loves talking about but isn't exactly true. It's a business model seeking for greater competition in passenger transport by deregulating this sector, worsening the conditions of employees and self-employed workers.

Remember: today it's the taxi, tomorrow it could be you.

Taking advantage of different legal loopholes to date in terms of passenger transport, Uber is trying to unlawfully compete with labor sectors that are subject to their own rules and laws. Do taxis need to be updated? Definitely. Does that mean we need to encourage a model in which the working class suffers precarious conditions? Definitely not.

With an employment system based on the figure created by the imagination of a bunch of creative entrepreneurs, the false self-employment. As you can imagine, all the disadvantages of being self-employed are now added to all the disadvantages of being employed, losing plenty of rights.

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