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Get around the city by car with inDrive, a VTC app to book trips with the difference that it is the passenger who chooses the price of the service


VTC service in which the passenger sets the price

April 17, 2024
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inDrive APK is a travel and urban transport app that provides VTC (chauffeur-driven transport vehicles) service based on a real-time bidding model. But the most curious thing is that it is the passenger himself who proposes the fare.

Set the price you're willing to pay for rides and choose the driver you want to take you.

An alternative to Uber and Cabify with more freedom for the passenger

Downloading inDrive Android for free allows us to move around the city by car in a different way. Unlike other VTC apps such as Uber and Cabify or the taxis themselves, the customer is the one who sets a price for the service. And you can even choose one of the drivers who have accepted the proposal. Therefore, the main features of this app are as follows:

  • Fares proposed by the passenger, who must enter the journey to be made and a fair price that he or she is willing to pay.
  • You can choose from verified drivers, taking into account details such as the type of vehicle or the number of trips completed.
  • Fast and intuitive travel request.
  • Option to share ride details with friends and family.
  • Possibility to add extra options, such as carrying luggage or traveling with pets.

Moreover, when you download inDrive APK, you can also sign up as drivers and work to earn income. Otherwise, the goal is to create a fairer VTC service, and it seems that this is being achieved, although there are still quite a few aspects to improve.

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