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Mehr tanken is an app for finding nearby gas stations with the cheapest fuel in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy and the route for getting there

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If you need to find a gas station close to you and how to get there, Mehr tanken might be what you are looking for. Especially if you live in Germany, Austria, Italy, or Switzerland; the countries in which this service operates.

The way to find cheap gas stations

But this app doesn't just find gas stations; it also shows you the prices so that you can save as much as possible when filling up. All you have to do is enter the kind of fuel you need and the area in which you want to find the gas station.

These are the main features offered by the app:

  • List of suitable gas stations that can be sorted according to criteria like price or distance.
  • Perform searches that filter results according to fuel type (regular, diesel, or autogas).
  • Find the gas station's location on the map thanks to the app's use of Google Maps API.
  • Filter results according to credit cards accepted for payment.
  • The app works out the route from your current location to the gas station.
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