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The map and navigation app Radar Maps offers us a practical system for detecting speed cameras and police radars in order to avoid getting speeding tickets

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If you are fed up with getting tickets for driving over the speed limit, maybe you should slow down. In addition, now thanks to this app we will be able to save money on fines by discovering the location of traffic radars.

Highway radar detector

Radar Maps is a navigation app that shows us the locations of speed cameras and radars (fixed and mobile) and of cameras at traffic lights, as well as roads that are in a poor state of repair. This means we will be able to plan our route and drive more safely.

Do you want to save money on tickets by detecting the locations of speed cameras and police radars?

If we want to avoid getting speeding tickets and fines imposed by sneakily positioned radars, this application offers us a simple system that is easy to use. All we have to do is open the platform and choose one of the two options on the main menu.

In short, this app offers us interesting functions that we will be able to take advantage of in order to avoid getting tickets and improve our driving. However, before downloading the APK file we have to bear in mind that the app contains quite a lot of advertising and that the interface doesn't respond that well. It is a useful tool, but not perfect.

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Sean Mitchell
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