Google Task Mate Android Google Task Mate is an application for earning money by completing simple and fast tasks such as translations, taking photos or completing surveys
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Surely you know of a good handful of applications to earn money with your mobile. However, the problem for many users who have some of them is in the way they withdraw the money earned, because in some cases the process is cumbersome if the payment has not been denied, as sometimes happens.

The Google app to make money

That's why you may be interested in an app like Google Task Mate, an application developed by Google and therefore supported by the company when it comes to offering a simple and transparent method to achieve profits with the mobile. To do this, you simply have to perform simple tasks such as taking photos of the front of an establishment, carry out a small translation or complete a survey. All you have to do is find a task nearby, complete it and wait for it to be validated before you can collect your profits.

Now, this is a great way to earn money with your cell phone, but in order to register on this platform you will have to access it using an invitation code shared by another user. However, if you succeed, as we said before, you will be able to withdraw your funds in your local currency. To do this you will need an account with an electronic wallet or a payment partner of the app, such as PayPal.

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