Offers, Discounts and Shopping Applications for Android

Buy items at the best price with our offers, discounts and shopping apps. Turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a comfortable shopping mall

Amazon Shopping English
Amazon Shopping

The application for the largest online store on the Internet

eBay English

The Android app of the most important auction house on the Internet

SHEIN 8.7.4 English
SHEIN 8.7.4

Women's fashion at cheap prices

AliExpress English

The Android app of the most important Chinese online store

Vova 2.133.0 English
Vova 2.133.0

Online store at incredible prices

Glovo 5.192.1 English
Glovo 5.192.1

Buy from your sofa and get it delivered

JOOM 4.47.0 English
JOOM 4.47.0

Online store of cheap products made in China

Wish 22.22.0 English
Wish 22.22.0

Online store to purchase clothes, technology, and accessories

Google Task Mate English
Google Task Mate

Earn money by completing simple tasks for Google

Amazon Flex English
Amazon Flex

Become an Amazon delivery man

Cashing 3.6.3 English
Cashing 3.6.3

Answer surveys and earn money

Shopsy 7.17 English
Shopsy 7.17

A store for buying products for you and for others

Pinduoduo 6.32.0 English
Pinduoduo 6.32.0

Online store for the Chinese market

Temu 1.21.0 English
Temu 1.21.0

A gigantic marketplace where you will find anything

Gift Play 1.0.111 English
Gift Play 1.0.111

Perform tasks on your phone and win prizes in return

9177 1.2.0 English
9177 1.2.0

Get the items in your store to match those of the large online stores

Zareklamy 5.5 English

Get a bit of extra income using your smartphone

Cashyy 4.3.5 English
Cashyy 4.3.5

Earn money for playing games on your smartphone

Cash'em All 4.4.2 English

Get money for playing the games on the app list

Tata Neu 2.0.0 English
Tata Neu 2.0.0

Get great rewards for your purchases

Cash Giraffe 4.5.5 English

Earn money testing apps and playing smartphone games

Meesho 12.1.1 English
Meesho 12.1.1

The shopping app that lets you make money

Klarna 22.15.282 English
Klarna 22.15.282

Shop at your favorite stores and defer your payments

H&M App 22.15.1 English
H&M App 22.15.1

App of the Swedish company to buy from your phone

Zap Surveys 3.09 English

Make money doing surveys

BookMyShow 9.7.9 English
BookMyShow 9.7.9

App to buy tickets for shows

simsim 1.0.64 English
simsim 1.0.64

A large online store with product videos

CashPirate 3.2 English

Earn money trying out apps

Lazada 7.4.0 English
Lazada 7.4.0

Online store with thousands of products

Swagbucks 5.2.2 English
Swagbucks 5.2.2

Win discounts for your online shopping

Alibaba App 7.55.0 English
Alibaba App 7.55.0

Application for online purchases from China

Taobao 10.9.20 English
Taobao 10.9.20

One of the greatest online stores in China

Zalando 22.7.1 English
Zalando 22.7.1

With Zalando for Android you'll find the best online clothes store

Google Opinion Rewards 2022042500 English

Answer surveys and earn money to spend on Google Play

Survey Junkie 1.16.5 English

Earn money by answering surveys

AttaPoll 3.6.1 English
AttaPoll 3.6.1

Earn money by answering surveys

AppBounty 2.7.3 English
AppBounty 2.7.3

Try applications and get rewards for it

Wanna Kicks 2.3.8 English

Use augmented reality to try on sneakers

Surveys On The Go 2.55.6 English

Fill out surveys and earn money

JumiaPay 5.1.2 English
JumiaPay 5.1.2

App for shopping and paying bills

PlaySpot 4.0.22 English
PlaySpot 4.0.22

Earn money by using your phone

Trendyol English

Fashion store with top brands

blinkit 13.1.5 English
blinkit 13.1.5

Your online food shopping

JunoWallet 7.9.21 English
JunoWallet 7.9.21

Obtain gift cards to purchase top brands

Crocs 1.1.5 English
Crocs 1.1.5

The official app of the famous clog store

Kenz'up 1.7.4 English
Kenz'up 1.7.4

Earn money with every purchase

Mamaearth 18.2.22 English
Mamaearth 18.2.22

Cosmetics store now available on smartphones

SaraMart 3.0.6 English
SaraMart 3.0.6

Purchase fashion, electronic, or home products and get free shipping

Newegg 5.49.1 English
Newegg 5.49.1

The top offers in computer products

Decathlon 6.1.1 English
Decathlon 6.1.1

The app for online shopping in the sports store

Showroomprive 13.18.0 English
Showroomprive 13.18.0

Purchase top-brand clothes at the best prices 8.33 English 8.33

The app of to purchase cars in Germany

Uento 11.5 English
Uento 11.5

Earn money by trying out applications

Gappx 1.7.1 English
Gappx 1.7.1

Earn rewards for playing games and trying out apps

Urbanic English

A women's clothing store in your pocket

Shopkick 6.30.0 English
Shopkick 6.30.0

Earn points and refunds by purchasing

MISTPLAY 5.40.1 English

Play and earn money for online shopping

Club Factory 6.1.3 English

Buy items and factory prices

GOJEK 4.17.2 English
GOJEK 4.17.2

The app of the home delivery service provider

Zara 10.9.1 English
Zara 10.9.1

The Android app of Inditex's fashion store

Gums Up 1.3 English
Gums Up 1.3

The official app from the loyalty software company

Amazon Seller 7.12.1 English

The Amazon sellers' app

Joko 4.3.8 English
Joko 4.3.8

A navigator for online shopping and getting direct discounts

Back Market 3.32 English

The French e-commerce of refurbished devices

Weedmaps 8.96.0 English
Weedmaps 8.96.0

Find legal cannabis products

JioMart 1.0.23 English
JioMart 1.0.23

Shop at this online supermarket and get your order delivered

GameFly 10.1.053 English
GameFly 10.1.053

Buy games and movies and get information

Lalamove 107.7.0 English
Lalamove 107.7.0

Official app for the famous courier company

Allegro 7.0.1 English
Allegro 7.0.1

Polish app to buy what you want, when you want

Rappi 7.20.20220317-50916 English
Rappi 7.20.20220317-50916

Buy food and receive it at home

Lidl Plus 15.2.5 English
Lidl Plus 15.2.5

This app should interest you if you're a Lidl customer

UNiDAYS 9.2.8 English
UNiDAYS 9.2.8

Student discount platform

Rewarded Play 9.4.0 English

Get gift cards for your favorite stores by playing

PackageRadar 3.24 English

Tool for tracking any company's shipments

UNIQLO 2.0.8 English
UNIQLO 2.0.8

Enjoy the best deals on clothing

Push Rewards 5.1 English

Earn real rewards with fun games and tasks

DoorDash Driver 6.58.3 English

The app for DoorDash delivery drivers

Carmudi 5.6.5 English
Carmudi 5.6.5

Sell or buy a vehicle without complications

MySmartPrice 5.9.8 English

Find out where to buy tech products at the best prices

17TRACK 3.1.4880 English
17TRACK 3.1.4880

Track your orders from the official company app

Goldstar 6.0.49 English
Goldstar 6.0.49

Buy tickets to events in your area

zooplus 10.7.1 English
zooplus 10.7.1

Buy all the products of the famous pet shop from your mobile

Wayfair 5.83 English
Wayfair 5.83

Online store for home and decoration

Amazon Assistant 18.5.0 English

Purchase whatever suits your needs on Amazon

Make Money 2.2.0 English
Make Money 2.2.0

Earn money by completing tasks with your Android device

Daraz 4.16.3 English
Daraz 4.16.3

Buy online at official stores

DENT 2.1.2 English
DENT 2.1.2

Send phone top-ups to other people

DHgate 5.3.0 English
DHgate 5.3.0

Online store at cheap prices

Poshmark 6.16 English
Poshmark 6.16

Online clothes store where you can buy and sell items

21 Buttons 4.39.2 English
21 Buttons 4.39.2

21 Buttons for Android, the app with the latest fashion trends

Walmart 20.5 English
Walmart 20.5

The Android app to purchase online from the famous supermarket

BeMyEye 8.17.0 English
BeMyEye 8.17.0

Collect information from stores with your cell phone and earn money

GUCCI 6.12.11 English
GUCCI 6.12.11

The official app for all customers of the fashion brand

Voghion 1.4.1 English
Voghion 1.4.1

The store with affordable products in your pocket

Cash Alarm 4.2.3 English
Cash Alarm 4.2.3

The app that pays you to play mobile games

AppStation 4.3.5 English
AppStation 4.3.5

Make money playing mobile games

Cashbee 6.2 English
Cashbee 6.2

Make money while you play

Coca-Cola 2.94.2 English
Coca-Cola 2.94.2

Get exclusive brand prizes

Wisecart 1.2.3 English
Wisecart 1.2.3

Your online store to buy electronic products and much more

Snapcart 12.20.1 English
Snapcart 12.20.1

Get discounts and special offers by scanning purchase receipts 5.02.06 English

Online store for wholesalers

StockX 4.13.16 English
StockX 4.13.16

Financial market-style commodity trading

CashPop 1.62.45 English
CashPop 1.62.45

Earn cash and rewards for using your mobile phone

Cornershop by Uber 2.9.6 English

Make your purchase and receive it at home on the same day

getir 2.13.5 English
getir 2.13.5

Receive products and food in minutes

bima+ 3.4.23 English
bima+ 3.4.23

Acquire and purchase telephone and leisure services

Study from Facebook English
Study from Facebook

Let Facebook spy on you in exchange for a reward

InboxDollars 3.11.0 English
InboxDollars 3.11.0

Earn money by doing simple tasks with your mobile

Trovit Cars 4.49.0 English
Trovit Cars 4.49.0

Second-hand car buying and selling app

Bandsintown 8.5.2 English

Discover live music according to your location

Lefties 2.5.2 English
Lefties 2.5.2

Inditex's low-cost clothing store opens in Android

Shopify 9.63.0 English
Shopify 9.63.0

An app for managing online stores

Avon On 1.4.2 English
Avon On 1.4.2

The official app of the Avon representatives

7-Eleven 3.8.9 English
7-Eleven 3.8.9

The official app from the convenience store chain

Fashion Days 5.15 English

Buy clothes, complements, and accessories at the best price

Poll Pay 4.0.5 English
Poll Pay 4.0.5

Earn money by answering surveys

Samsung Gift 3.11 English

Special offers on purchases for Samsung users

ALDI 3.14.0 English
ALDI 3.14.0

Make the shopping list in this digital version of the supermarket brochure

Ticketmaster 230.0 English

Official app from the famous ticket sales outlet

Zappos 10.1.1 English
Zappos 10.1.1

Shoes, clothing and accessories store app

Hepsiburada 4.5.5 English

Turkish online store with a wide range of items

La Redoute 9.6.1 English
La Redoute 9.6.1

Online fashion and household items store

Rakuten Ebates 9.17.3 English

Coupons and cash back discounts for purchases on Rakuten

Safeway 2022.1.0 English
Safeway 2022.1.0

Save money by shopping at U.S. supermarkets

11st 8.6.4 English
11st 8.6.4

Buy almost anything from Korea

JUMIA Online Shopping 8.0 English

The most important online store in Africa

Mi Store 3.26.6 English
Mi Store 3.26.6

Everything related to Xiaomi all in one place

Nykaa 2.7.7 English
Nykaa 2.7.7

Buy makeup online

Tokopedia 3.144 English
Tokopedia 3.144

Important online store in Indonesia

Banggood 7.40.1 English
Banggood 7.40.1

Online store with thousands of cheap items

Factorymarket 1.35.1 English

Online store with the best prices

Shopmium 7.4.0 English
Shopmium 7.4.0

Find the best deals for your shopping

PULL&BEAR 7.9.0 English

Official application of the well-known clothes store

Zalando Lounge 1.22.0 English

The app for Zalando's private sales channel

Shop Samsung 1.0.28656 English
Shop Samsung 1.0.28656

The application for Samsung's online store

Geek - Smarter Shopping 4.47.6 English

Android app of the online store to buy tech items

Stradivarius 10.3.2 English
Stradivarius 10.3.2

Buy clothes from this Inditex store from your phone

Stocard 10.5.0 English
Stocard 10.5.0

Get some space in your wallet with this app to manage loyalty cards

Privalia 5.27.3 English
Privalia 5.27.3

The clothes store with the best brands with discounts of up to 70%

GS Shop 8.5.8 English
GS Shop 8.5.8

The Korean store lands on your phone

Makro Companion 3.44.1 English

The official app of the famous retail chain

Choose 6.0.22 English
Choose 6.0.22

Discover new products carefully selected every day

Great Clips 6.0.0 (2022090602) English
Great Clips 6.0.0 (2022090602)

Check waiting times at local hair salons

Pogo 2.2 English
Pogo 2.2

The app that gives you money back every time you make a purchase

Tezenis 1.21 English
Tezenis 1.21

The mobile version of the lingerie and underwear store

Frubana 4.8.38 English
Frubana 4.8.38

A restaurant supplier in pocket format

Whering 1.10.7 English
Whering 1.10.7

Digitalize your closet

BIMBA Y LOLA 5.0.8 English

The official app of the Spanish fashion store

Flink 2.25.0 English
Flink 2.25.0

The online supermarket that delivers food to your doorstep

Flowwow 3.4.4 English
Flowwow 3.4.4

Buy anything you need without leaving home