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Would you like to earn extra money without effort? The Roamler app offers you small jobs and tasks that you can do at home or in nearby businesses


Take simple jobs and earn money

December 20, 2023
8 / 10

Roamler APK is an app that proposes several jobs or simple tasks that you can complete to earn money. These jobs are requested by brands, turning users into undercover agents called roamlers, who provide valuable information to companies.

How to make money with your mobile

Let's see how Roamler works? To start earning money with this app, you first need to download Roamler Android for free and grant the geolocation permission. The software will offer you different tasks based on your location. There is also a map showing the jobs available in your area. The main tasks Roamler APK offers include the following:

  • Take photos and collect data in stores of products, prices and displays.
  • Product reviews sent by brands.
  • Assemble displays or replenish shelves with missing products.
  • Selling products and promotional material on behalf of brands.
  • Answer surveys or questionnaires.

Discover new tasks near you every day.

Once the task is completed, the system pays your efforts with points that you can redeem for real money through PayPal. In short, you will not get rich with this app, but it does serve to earn some extra income. Of course, the team is known to be quite demanding, so it's not enough to send give them just anything.

Requirements and additional information:

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