News and RSS Applications for Android

Keep up to date with everything that's going on around the world and don't miss out on any interesting information thanks to these news and RSS applications

Reddit 2023.22.0 English
Reddit 2023.22.0

The official app of the leading news aggregator

Fox News 4.60.02 English
Fox News 4.60.02

Official app of the famous subscription news channel

BBC News 6.2.58 English
BBC News 6.2.58

Keep up with the latest news

Google News English
Google News

The news and customized information service

The Guardian 6.105.18803 English
The Guardian 6.105.18803

The official app of the British newspaper

BuzzFeed 2023.2 English
BuzzFeed 2023.2

The official app of the news portal

Flipboard English
Flipboard 4.3.0

The best magazine to keep up with the latest news

AP News 5.27 English
AP News 5.27

Current affairs and breaking news in your pocket

UNIVERSE 1.3.0 English

The news and entertainment platform for K-Pop fans

CNBC 4.9.0 English
CNBC 4.9.0

Financial content app of the famous TV network

Toutiao English

The app with all the Chinese news

BlinkFeed 10.10.1076993 English
BlinkFeed 10.10.1076993

The RSS news reader for HTC phones

Kokru 0.63.4 English
Kokru 0.63.4

Customized news platform

Microsoft Start 25.3.41052660 English
Microsoft Start 25.3.41052660

Stay up to date with the international press

Way2SMS - Way2News 8.34 English

Indian news app

Watchup 4.0.5 English
Watchup 4.0.5

Daily news condensed in video

Go Daily 1.1.7 English
Go Daily 1.1.7

Read news and receive awards

CGTN 5.7.10 English
CGTN 5.7.10

The official app for China Global Television Network

BuzzGo 1.0.3 English
BuzzGo 1.0.3

All the gossip of India in your pocket

Roz Dhan 2.9.4 English
Roz Dhan 2.9.4

Earn money while reading the news and playing games

Financial Times 2.89.0 English

The most comprehensive financial information

Bleacher Report 9.3.0 English

American sports information in your pocket

News Break 22.4.3 English
News Break 22.4.3

Follow the news from around the world

Beloud 2.1.5 English
Beloud 2.1.5

A social network based on news stories and articles

Blip 4.2.2 English
Blip 4.2.2

Everything you always wanted to know about K-pop in one app

Artifact 1.0 English

AI-powered news manager

Substack Reader 1.0.1 English

Receive newsletters from your favorite writers

Inoreader 7.4.1 English
Inoreader 7.4.1

Add your feeds to create a personalized news app 4.4.6 English

Organize your bookmarks

upday 3.1.14693 English
upday 3.1.14693

Breaking news and highlights in pocket format

MxM News 1.1.6 English
MxM News 1.1.6

The news that really matters

PublicVibe 3.0.30 English
PublicVibe 3.0.30

All the news from India updated live

Newsmax 2.1.28 English
Newsmax 2.1.28

The news channel always in your pocket

NPR News 2.7.5 English
NPR News 2.7.5

All the news from the media outlet in your pocket

Discover Killer 2.2 English

Replace Google Discover news feed with the app of your choice

Haystack News 4.11 English

All the world's news in your pocket

The Athletic 12.17.0 English
The Athletic 12.17.0

The official app of the prestigious sports information publication

Breaking News 10.8.17 English
Breaking News 10.8.17

Get all the breaking news

Yandex.Zen 23.1.3 English
Yandex.Zen 23.1.3

Zen News, the news feed from Yandex

Inshorts 5.2.5 English
Inshorts 5.2.5

National and international news in brief

IGN Entertainment 5.0.20 English

The IGN entertainment portal app

Business Insider 14.0.2 English

The official app of financial news media

The Wall Street Journal English

All the economic news on your smartphone

OANN 1.0 English
OANN 1.0

News App for those who agree with Trump and the far-right

ABP Live TV News 12.0.7 English

The official app of the Indian channel ABP

News Home 2.8.17 English
News Home 2.8.17

News launcher and application for Android

The Times of India English

The popular Indian newspaper in mobile format

Daily Mail Online 5.10.0 English

The British newspaper on your smartphone

USA Today 6.13.1 English
USA Today 6.13.1

The official app of the American newspaper

AS 5.3.11 English
AS 5.3.11

The official app of the sports information newspaper

Mint Business News 5.3.4 English

Get news from the world of business and finance

BuzzBreak 1.3.9 English
BuzzBreak 1.3.9

News app that allows you to earn money

Flipboard Briefing 3.3.4 English

The Flipboard app for keeping up with topics that interest you

Cashzine 3.87 English
Cashzine 3.87

Earn money reading articles on your Android

Voter Helpline 5.0.5 English

Ultimate informative app for all Indian voters

Narendra Modi - NaMo App 4.2.4 English

All the information related to India's prime minister

Hespress 2.1.93 English
Hespress 2.1.93

Official app of the Moroccan newspaper

BaBe English

Follow all Indonesian news

Ultimate Rugby 2.6.8 English

All the news and information about rugby on your Android

Boost for Reddit 1.12.7 English

Improve your user experience on Reddit

The Washington Post 6.5.1 English

Official app of the famous American newspaper

RT News 3.5.62 English
RT News 3.5.62

App of the Russian TV channel Russia Today

Now for Reddit 5.9.6 English

Comfortably navigate on Reddit with this unofficial app

Slide for Reddit 6.7.1 English

Reddit news reader aggregator

Blasting News 1.0 English

The app of the most important collaborative journalism site in the world

Dailyhunt 18.5.3 English
Dailyhunt 18.5.3

The top news from Hindustan

Opera News 10.6.2254.62100 English
Opera News 10.6.2254.62100

Receive customized news and information

Aaj Tak 9.02 English
Aaj Tak 9.02

The best information about India

Joey for Reddit English

A great Reddit client

All Football 3.3.5 English

All the information about the world of football on video

Fotolog 1.0 English
Fotolog 1.0

An app for all kinds of news and reports

Yahoo Newsroom 26.0 English

All the information you need in a single app

SmartNews 22.12.40 English
SmartNews 22.12.40

SmartNews is the most credible information app

UC News English
UC News

App with the hottest news from India

Relay 10.0.368 English
Relay 10.0.368

The best mobile client for Reddit

BaconReader 6.0.4 English

Efficient Reddit client

RSS Reader 1.7.9 English
RSS Reader 1.7.9

A simple RSS feed reader

Sync for Reddit 23.05.03 English
Sync for Reddit 23.05.03

Reddit client for Android

Nuzzel 3.1.7 English
Nuzzel 3.1.7

Your personal newspaper

El País 2.10.4 English
El País 2.10.4

The official app of the largest circulation newspaper in Spain

Hype Machine 1.3.16 English
Hype Machine 1.3.16

Discover the best music blogs around

NYTimes 10.0.0 English
NYTimes 10.0.0

Read one of the most renowned papers on your smartphone

CNN Breaking US & World News 6.18.3 English

The official CNN app

The Economist Espresso 1.10.4 English

Financial information offered by The Economist

Reddit is Fun 5.6.21 English

The client you need for Reddit

Ztory 4.10.1 English
Ztory 4.10.1

Access dozens of publications constantly updated

Circa News 3.1.3 English
Circa News 3.1.3

A quick way to know what's going on

News Suite English
News Suite

Interesting social network and feed reader

NewsJet 3.0 English
NewsJet 3.0

A new feed reader for Android

Pocket English

Enjoy the contents of the Internet whenever you want

feedly 82.0.2 English
feedly 82.0.2

Enhanced news reader

Google I/O 2018 6.1.2 English
Google I/O 2018 6.1.2

Follow Google's most important annual event

LinkedIn Pulse 5.1.8 English

Customizable news feed for Android 6.5.43 English 6.5.43

The most complete sports information on your mobile

ZINIO 4.46.1 English
ZINIO 4.46.1

Read magazines on your smartphone with Zinio