News and RSS Applications for Android

Keep up to date with everything that's going on around the world and don't miss out on any interesting information thanks to these news and RSS applications

All Football - Latest News & Videos 3.1.3 English

All the information about the world of football on video

BaconReader 5.6.0 English

Efficient Reddit client

Blasting News 1.0 English

The app of the most important collaborative journalism site in the world

Bleacher Report 6.10.1 English

American sports information in your pocket

BuzzVideo 7.0.0 English
BuzzVideo 7.0.0

The application with viral GIFs and videos for Android

APD News - Breaking Quality News 3.6.2 English

The hottest and breaking news on your Android

Opera News 6.1.2254.137882 English
Opera News 6.1.2254.137882

Receive customized news and information

Joey for Reddit English

A great Reddit client

Watchup 4.0.5 English
Watchup 4.0.5

The day's news summarized in a video

UC News English
UC News

App with the hottest news from India

Reddit 3.29.0 English
Reddit 3.29.0

The official app of the most important news aggregator

Toutiao 6.9.5 English
Toutiao 6.9.5

The app with all the Chinese news

News Break 5.0.1 English
News Break 5.0.1

Follow the news from around the world

SmartNews 5.5.2 English
SmartNews 5.5.2

SmartNews is the most credible information app

Google News English
Google News

The news and customized information service

Digg 1.19 English
Digg 1.19

RSS reader for Android

Pocket English

Enjoy the contents of the Internet whenever you want

Flipboard English
Flipboard 4.2.16

The best magazine to keep up with the latest news

Slide for Reddit 6.2 English

Reddit news reader aggregator

Dailyhunt 13.1.7 English
Dailyhunt 13.1.7

The top news from Hindustan

Bloomberg 5.2.0 English
Bloomberg 5.2.0

Check the news and receive information about your finances

Topbuzz English

All the Internet's viral contents on your Android

News Republic English
News Republic

Breaking news on your smartphone

Ask Me Anything 1.1.7 English

The most popular interviews on the Internet

Pulse 4.2.7 English
Pulse 4.2.7

Customizable news reader for Android

Xperia Lounge 3.4.10 English

Sony’s world in an app

Way2SMS - Way2News 5.3 English

Indian news app

Aaj Tak 7.20 English
Aaj Tak 7.20

The best information about India

ZINIO 4.12.4 English
ZINIO 4.12.4

Read magazines on your smartphone with Zinio

Yahoo Newsroom 9.14.5 English

All the information you need in a single app

Relay 9.0.44 English
Relay 9.0.44

The best mobile client for Reddit

RSS Reader 1.6.5 English
RSS Reader 1.6.5

RSS feed reader

Sync for Reddit 16.1 English

Reddit client for Android

gReader 4.3.1 English
gReader 4.3.1

Excellent news reader

Nuzzel 3.1.3 English
Nuzzel 3.1.3

Your personal newspaper

Hype Machine 1.3.11 English
Hype Machine 1.3.11

Discover the best music blogs around

MSF International 1.0 English

The offical Médecins Sans Frontières app

NYTimes 6.18.4 English
NYTimes 6.18.4

Read one of the most renowned papers on your smartphone

CNN Breaking US & World News 5.24 English

The official app of the CNN

The Economist Espresso 1.5.10 English

Financial information offered by The Economist