The best apps to read books and comics on Android

Millions of books and comics to read with the best Android apps that turn your phone into an electronic book (eBook). These apps allow you to organize your books, underline and write notes. Enjoy a good read wherever you are

Wattpad 9.90.0 English
Wattpad 9.90.0

The app where you can read and download books for free

Audible 3.39.0 English
Audible 3.39.0

Purchase and download audio-books to your Android device

Toomics 1.5.3 English
Toomics 1.5.3

App to read manga wherever you want

Scribd 12.23 English
Scribd 12.23

Access to a bookstore with a flat rate for downloading books

Amazon Kindle English
Amazon Kindle

Amazon's eBook app for Android

Goodreads 2.41.1 Build 3 English
Goodreads 2.41.1 Build 3

A huge community of reading enthusiasts

Storytel 22.44 English
Storytel 22.44

Subscribe to this platform to listen to audiobooks

Google Books Downloader 2.7 English

Download free or purchased books from Google Books

Super Manga 1.10 English

Read a lot of manga comfortably

Manga Zone 6.2.8 English
Manga Zone 6.2.8

All your manga comics in the same app

Manga Bird 1.05 English

Manga reader for Android

Manga Dogs 10.2.9 English
Manga Dogs 10.2.9

Enjoy thousands of manga titles

YONDER 1.1.1 English
YONDER 1.1.1

Thousands of online novels and books to read on your phone

Manga Reader 1.274 English

Read and download hundreds of manga comics

Tachiyomi 0.13.4 English
Tachiyomi 0.13.4

The best manga reader for Android

Comic Box 1.3 English

Online comic reader

Manga Tag 7.2.9 English
Manga Tag 7.2.9

App for reading mangas in different languages

Neko 2.10.11 English
Neko 2.10.11

Download and read manga comics

Pocket Manga 1.1.6 English

The perfect application for manga fans

Manga Master 1.3.3 English

Read and download thousands of manga comics

Pocket Comics 4.4.2 English

A digital library of online comics

Mangamania 1.1 English

Excellent manga comic reader for Android

Allnovel 2.1.0 English
Allnovel 2.1.0

Lots of free novels to read on your smartphone

Manga Rock 3.9.12 English
Manga Rock 3.9.12

Read and download manga comics

ZingBox Manga English
ZingBox Manga

Manga comic reader

SauceNAO 1.15 English
SauceNAO 1.15

Reverse search engine for manga images

Ranobe 3.1.2 English
Ranobe 3.1.2

Read hundreds of free light novels on your mobile

Manga Browser 13.2.2 English

App to read manga

Manga Geek English
Manga Geek

Free manga comic reader

eBook Reader 5.0.39 English
eBook Reader 5.0.39

Read eBooks on your smartphone

MangaGO 2.0-b2 English
MangaGO 2.0-b2

All the manga you want in your pocket

Manga Park W 2.0.1 English

A decent manga reader for Android

Aldiko Book Reader 4.5.0 English

eBook reader for Android

CDisplayEx 1.2.71 English
CDisplayEx 1.2.71

Comic book reader for Android that supports several formats

ReadEra 21.12.11 English
ReadEra 21.12.11

Read books comfortably on your Android

MangaToon 2.14.07 English
MangaToon 2.14.07

Read comics in full color on your Android

MooReader 1.2.3 English
MooReader 1.2.3

Tons of books to read for free on your Android

Novelah 1.22 English
Novelah 1.22

Enjoy reading hundreds of novels on your mobile phone

MANGA Plus 1.5.6 English
MANGA Plus 1.5.6

The best manga comics for free on your phone

Google Play Books 5.21.3_RC07.427060830 English
Google Play Books 5.21.3_RC07.427060830

Google's reader for eBooks

Pratilipi Comics English

Indian platform for reading digital comics

AnyBooks 3.22.0 English
AnyBooks 3.22.0

Platform for reading and publishing books

KOReader 2022.03.1 English
KOReader 2022.03.1

Sober and minimalistic eReader for Android

Bilibili Comics 2.8.0 English

Thousands of mangas, manhwas, and other comics to read for free

Lezhin Comics 3.2.2 English

App to read comics on your device

Mango 1.6.188 English
Mango 1.6.188

Read your favorite Japonese comics from your Android

Nextory 4.28.1 English
Nextory 4.28.1

Collection of books, audiobooks, and magazines

VIZ Manga 4.2.1 English
VIZ Manga 4.2.1

All the manga in one app

LINE WEBTOON 2.10.3 English

The manga app developed by LINE

GuteBooks 1.5.1 English
GuteBooks 1.5.1

A huge free library for Android

Mi Manga Nu 1.133 English

Open Source Online Sleeve Reader

Perfect Viewer English

The best comic reader for Android

eBoox 2.53 English
eBoox 2.53

E-book reader for cell phones

Lithium 0.24.1 English
Lithium 0.24.1

EPUB reader for smartphones

Blinkist 8.14.4 English
Blinkist 8.14.4

Non-fiction books for people who don't have time to read

Media365 Book Reader 5.5.2702 English

Book reader, convert, and cataloger

FBReader 3.0.35 English
FBReader 3.0.35

A decent free eBook reader

DC Comics English
DC Comics

All the DC comics to read on your Android

GoNovel 2.1.2 English
GoNovel 2.1.2

Free digital novels to read on your mobile

WeComics English

Download and enjoy a large collection of comics on your Android

Kotatsu 1.0-rc3 English
Kotatsu 1.0-rc3

Free reader for manga comics from a range of sources

Webnovel 5.7.3 English
Webnovel 5.7.3

Impressive selection of novels and webcomics to read on Android

NovelToon 1.9.0 English
NovelToon 1.9.0

Read tons of stories and share your own novel

Zinmanga 2.1 English

Enjoy the best manga on your Android

Radish 3.16.3 English
Radish 3.16.3

Small format novel of every genre

Babel Novel 1.2.408 English
Babel Novel 1.2.408

Read light oriental novels on your Android

GoodNovel English

Read tons of novels and write your own story

Comic Trim 4.10 English

A user-friendly comic reader

iReader 8.4.1 English
iReader 8.4.1

Complete library of free books and comics

comico 7.1.0 English
comico 7.1.0

Free Mangas, Manhwas and Manhuas on your Android

B+ Manga Reader 3.0.6 English

Read and manage tons of mangas, manhuas, and manhwas

Dreame 2.9.0 English
Dreame 2.9.0

A platform of books oriented to the female public

MALClient English

Organize your manga and anime collection

Marvel Unlimited 7.11.0 English

Access Marvel's library of comics

Bookly 1.5.8 English
Bookly 1.5.8

Keep track of your books

MangaDLR 8.0.3 English
MangaDLR 8.0.3

Enjoy the best online manga

LINE Manga 5.7.5 English
LINE Manga 5.7.5

Manga comic reader and store

Amazon Kindle Lite 1.16 English

Read eBooks from Amazon's store on low-end devics

Kobo Books 9.2.39664 English
Kobo Books 9.2.39664

Online store for eBooks

Crunchyroll Manga 4.2.0 English

Read manga straight from Android

Moon+ Reader 7.0 English

Functional eBook reader

LitRes 3.47.0-gp English
LitRes 3.47.0-gp

Thousands of eBooks and audiobooks on your cellphone

Shosetsu 1.1.4 English
Shosetsu 1.1.4

Enjoy hundreds of light novels

BakaReader EX 1.1.56 English

Collection of light novels for Android

Manga Mew 1.0.2 English
Manga Mew 1.0.2

Read and download manga comics for free

Astonishing Comic Reader 3.32 English

Comic book reader with state-of-the-art features

Issuu 5.66.1 English
Issuu 5.66.1

Create and read hundreds of stories and magazines

Comics English

Online comic store

Inkitt 2.14.21 English
Inkitt 2.14.21

The online library for hipsters

Yarn 7.10.0 English
Yarn 7.10.0

Read stories written as if they were a chat conversation

EasyBib 2.4.4 English
EasyBib 2.4.4

A tool for bibliographic citations

WebComics 2.1.50 English
WebComics 2.1.50

Manga comic reader

8Manga 4.0 English
8Manga 4.0

Manga reader for Android

Librera 8.4.56 English
Librera 8.4.56

Read your eBooks on your phone

Cool Reader 3.2.53-1 English
Cool Reader 3.2.53-1

Attractive eBook reader

Bookari 4.2.5 English
Bookari 4.2.5

An eBook app adapted to the reader's habits

LibriVox Audio Books 9.8.2 English

App with a huge catalog of audiobooks

HOOKED - Chat Stories 4.27.0 English

Follow disturbing chat stories

Marvel Comics English
Marvel Comics

Manage and enjoy your Marvel comic collection

Meow 1.0.6 English
Meow 1.0.6

A simple manga reader with dozens of titles

ToryComics 1.8.8 English
ToryComics 1.8.8

Read webtoons on your mobile device

Read Along by Google 0.5.452707352 English
Read Along by Google 0.5.452707352

Learn to read aloud in English with stories

Headway English

Read books on empowerment and self-help in 15 minutes

Pratilipi 6.17.0 English
Pratilipi 6.17.0

Read digital novels and publish your own books

Hinovel 3.1.5 English
Hinovel 3.1.5

Read novels of every genres on your smartphone

Newest Manga 1.0.2 English

Read manga on your smartphone

Shonen Jump 4.3.5 English

App for purchasing, downloading, and reading manga

Madefire 1.8.1 English
Madefire 1.8.1

App for buying, downloading and reading comics

Serial Box 3.5.0 English
Serial Box 3.5.0

The best science fiction and fantasy books and audiobooks

Miraquill 2.4 English

Unleash your creative writing skills

Tapas 5.3.5 English
Tapas 5.3.5

Read comics and novels on your mobile

Hippo Magic 4.1.1 English

Reading and augmented reality app for children

Memories 3.2.2 English
Memories 3.2.2

Dive into tons of interactive graphic novels

Spirit Fanfiction 2.1.189 English

Discover original stories and publish your books

Tap by Wattpad 5.13.1 English

Read thousands of stories in chat format on your Android

Catch 3.0.9 English
Catch 3.0.9

Read stories in chat format

My Library 2.0.2 English
My Library 2.0.2

Manage your library from your Android

Youboox 4.3.3 English
Youboox 4.3.3

Pocket-sized bookshop and newsstand

Manga Box 2.3.3 English
Manga Box 2.3.3

Your app to read manga

eReader Prestigio 6.3.4 English

eBook reader with a built-in bookstore

Bookmate 7.5.1 English
Bookmate 7.5.1

Loads of books available at a cheap price

Odilo App 4.2.3 English
Odilo App 4.2.3

Turn your phone into an eReader with a broad catalog

Nubico 3.0.12 English
Nubico 3.0.12

Enjoy an improved reading experience

MangaDroid chunin_30 English
MangaDroid chunin_30

Manga comic reader

Smart AudioBook Player 8.2.1 English

Audiobook player for Android