Books and Comic Applications for Android

Turn your Android smartphone into the perfect tool to read books and comics. Find the perfect application to be able to enjoy reading on your phone

LINE Manga 5.1.1 English
LINE Manga 5.1.1

Manga comic reader and store

Google Books Downloader 2.7 English

Download free or purchased books from Google Books

Tachiyomi 0.8.0 English
Tachiyomi 0.8.0

The best manga reader for Android

Mango 1.6.188 English
Mango 1.6.188

Read your favorite Japonese comics from your Android

Wattpad 7.23.0 English
Wattpad 7.23.0

The app where you can read and download books for free

Pocket Manga 1.1.4 English

The perfect application for manga fans

eBook Reader English
eBook Reader

Read eBooks on your smartphone

Manga Master English
Manga Master

Read and download thousands of manga comics

ZingBox Manga English
ZingBox Manga

Manga comic reader

Manga Rock 3.3.1_world English
Manga Rock 3.3.1_world

Read and download manga comics

MANGA Plus 1.0 English

The best manga comics for free on your phone

Mi Manga Nu 1.93 English

Download and read your favorite mangas

Aldiko Book Reader 3.0.51 English

eBook reader for Android

Youboox 2.2.0 English
Youboox 2.2.0

Pocket-sized bookshop and newsstand

MangaDroid chunin_30 English
MangaDroid chunin_30

Manga comic reader

MoboReader 1.2.1 English
MoboReader 1.2.1

The app to read and purchase books

Bookmate 4.3.2 English
Bookmate 4.3.2

Loads of books available at a cheap price

Manga Browser 13.2.2 English

App to read manga

8Manga 4.0 English
8Manga 4.0

Manga reader for Android

SauceNAO 1.1 English

Reverse search engine for manga images

DC Comics English
DC Comics

All the DC comics to read on your Android

Cool Reader 3.2.9-1 English
Cool Reader 3.2.9-1

Attractive eBook reader

Audiobooks from Audible 2.22.0 English

Purchase and download audio-books to your Android device

Moon+ Reader 4.5.2 English

Functional eBook reader

Crunchyroll Manga 4.0.1 English

Read manga straight from Android

Bookari 4.2.5 English
Bookari 4.2.5

An eBook app adapted to the reader's habits

Storytel 5.6 English

Subscribe to this platform to listen to audiobooks

GuteBooks 1.3.4 English
GuteBooks 1.3.4

A huge free library for Android

LibriVox Audio Books 9.1.0 English

App with a huge catalog of audiobooks

Readmill 2.0.2 English
Readmill 2.0.2

The best way to read on your Android

Nubico 2.9.0 English
Nubico 2.9.0

Enjoy an improved reading experience

Odilo App 2.0.12 English
Odilo App 2.0.12

Turn your phone into an eReader with a broad catalog

Scribd 8.4.1 English
Scribd 8.4.1

Access a library with a flat rate to download books

Perfect Viewer English

The best comic reader for Android

HOOKED - Chat Stories 1.77.0 English

Follow disturbing chat stories

Kobo Books English
Kobo Books

Online store for eBooks

eReader Prestigio English

eBook reader with a built-in bookstore

Manga Box 2.3.0 English
Manga Box 2.3.0

Your app to read manga

Oyster 2015031111 English
Oyster 2015031111

The Spotify for books

Marvel Comics English
Marvel Comics

Manage and enjoy your Marvel comic collection