The best apps to read books and comics on Android

Millions of books and comics to read with the best Android apps that turn your phone into an electronic book (eBook). These apps allow you to organize your books, underline and write notes. Enjoy a good read wherever you are

LINE Manga 5.7.5 English
LINE Manga 5.7.5

Manga comic reader and store

Mangamania 1.1 English

Excellent manga comic reader for Android

Manga Zone 6.1.9 English
Manga Zone 6.1.9

All your manga comics in the same app

Comic Box 1.3 English

Online comic reader

Google Books Downloader 2.7 English

Download free or purchased books from Google Books

Super Manga 1.10 English

Read a lot of manga comfortably

Manga Tag 7.2.9 English
Manga Tag 7.2.9

App for reading mangas in different languages

Manga Bird 1.285 English
Manga Bird 1.285

Manga reader for Android

ZingBox Manga English
ZingBox Manga

Manga comic reader

Tachiyomi 0.8.5 English
Tachiyomi 0.8.5

The best manga reader for Android

Manga Reader 1.274 English

Read and download hundreds of manga comics

Ranobe 3.1.2 English
Ranobe 3.1.2

Read hundreds of free light novels on your mobile

Pocket Manga 1.1.6 English

The perfect application for manga fans

SauceNAO 1.4 English

Reverse search engine for manga images

Manga Browser 13.2.2 English

App to read manga

MangaDLR 8.0.3 English
MangaDLR 8.0.3

Enjoy the best online manga

Storytel 6.2.7 English
Storytel 6.2.7

Subscribe to this platform to listen to audiobooks

MangaToon 1.9.0 English
MangaToon 1.9.0

Read comics in full color on your Android

Wattpad 8.89.0 English
Wattpad 8.89.0

The app where you can read and download books for free

Manga Rock 3.9.12 English
Manga Rock 3.9.12

Read and download manga comics

Mi Manga Nu 1.133 English

Open Source Online Sleeve Reader

Manga Mew 1.2m English
Manga Mew 1.2m

Read and download manga comics for free

Media365 Book Reader 5.0.2258 English

Book reader, convert, and cataloger

AnyBooks 3.22.0 English
AnyBooks 3.22.0

Platform for reading and publishing books

8Manga 4.0 English
8Manga 4.0

Manga reader for Android

Manga Park W 2.0.1 English

A decent manga reader for Android

KOReader 2019.08 English
KOReader 2019.08

Sober and minimalistic eReader for Android

NovelToon 1.1.8 English
NovelToon 1.1.8

Read tons of stories and share your own novel

Manga Master 1.3.3 English

Read and download thousands of manga comics

Mango 1.6.188 English
Mango 1.6.188

Read your favorite Japonese comics from your Android

Manga Box 2.3.3 English
Manga Box 2.3.3

Your app to read manga

LibriVox Audio Books 9.6.8 English

App with a huge catalog of audiobooks

Audiobooks from Audible 2.63.0 English

Purchase and download audio-books to your Android device

Toomics 1.2.8 English
Toomics 1.2.8

App to read manga wherever you want

WebComics 1.8.21 English
WebComics 1.8.21

Manga comic reader

Scribd 9.7.1 English
Scribd 9.7.1

Access a library with a flat rate to download books

Moon+ Reader 6.1 English

Functional eBook reader

Crunchyroll Manga 4.1.1 English

Read manga straight from Android

MANGA Plus 1.1.0 English
MANGA Plus 1.1.0

The best manga comics for free on your phone

Amazon Kindle English
Amazon Kindle

Amazon's eBook app for Android