Classifieds apps for Android

If you need to buy or sell items on the secondhand market, you can check the best classifieds apps for individuals where you can purchase or sell all sorts of products

Wallapop 1.204.0 English
Wallapop 1.204.0

Classifieds app to buy and sell between individuals

Mercado Libre 10.309.4 English
Mercado Libre 10.309.4

The number one buying and selling service in Latin America

Vinted 24.5.0 English
Vinted 24.5.0

Buy and sell cheap clothes with Vinted for Android

OfferUp 4.55.0 English
OfferUp 4.55.0

Purchase, sell or give away whatever you want

FootLove 2.0.4 English
FootLove 2.0.4

Platform for buying and selling photos and videos of feet

Locanto 2.7.17 English
Locanto 2.7.17

Classified ads app for buying and selling

Kijiji 17.1.0 English
Kijiji 17.1.0

Canada´s biggest app for private buying and selling

TCG Market 1.0 English

Buy and sell cards for a range of games

heycar 8.3 English
heycar 8.3

Selection of second-hand cars for sale

Dirideal 5.0.0 English
Dirideal 5.0.0

Online store to buy and sell second-hand clothes

Acloset 4.4.0 English
Acloset 4.4.0

An AI digital closet to organize your clothes

Divar 11.8.3 English
Divar 11.8.3

App for buying and selling new and second hand items

Carousell 2.340.4.2120 English
Carousell 2.340.4.2120

Online trading app for particulars

Marktplaats 14.7.0 English
Marktplaats 14.7.0

Purchases and sales between individuals by means of auctions

Gumtree 8.22.0 English
Gumtree 8.22.0

Purchase and sell between individuals with Gumtree for Android

CycleTrader English

New and used motorcycles flea market

Dondo 6.6.2 English
Dondo 6.6.2

Platform to exchange, sell, and purchase second-hand items

Decluttr 17.30 English
Decluttr 17.30

Easily sell and buy electronic devices and books

VarageSale 4.4.0 English
VarageSale 4.4.0

An online flea market for second-hand goods

Eneba 1.0.27 English
Eneba 1.0.27

Marketplace for gamers

Listia 1.131 English
Listia 1.131

Exchange things in this virtual marketplace

Quikr 11.03 English
Quikr 11.03

Buy and sell second-hand stuff from your Android

Vestiaire Collective 3.68.1 English

Buy second-hand luxury clothing and accessories

5miles 8.8.1 English
5miles 8.8.1

Buying and selling second-hand items

Karrot 24.7.0 English
Karrot 24.7.0

Buy and sell stuff at a digital flea market

Mercari 7.94.0 English
Mercari 7.94.0

Buying and selling between individuals

Shpock 8.86.1 English
Shpock 8.86.1

App to purchase and sale items between individuals