Wallapop is a great application to sell those things you have at home that you no longer need and to buy all kinds of second-hand items at a good price. However, it is not a perfect platform, as it can be quite common for you to experience problems of any kind when buying something from another user.

Although you always have the option to cancel and refund a purchase on Wallapop, you can also file a claim. Given that this process can get a bit confusing, below we will explain how to file a complaint and which reasons Wallapop accepts.

How to file a complaint on Wallapop

Before we get into it, it is worth clearing up a few things regarding Wallapop complaints. To file a complaint, we must have used Wallapop Envíos at the time of purchase, since this delivery option makes us pay Wallapop Protect, an insurance service offered by the company (this is done automatically).

We will always pay Wallapop Protect when we purchase with shippingWe will always pay Wallapop Protect when we purchase with shipping

Another essential factor to make a claim is to file it within the established time limit. Once we receive the package, we will have 48 hours to confirm that everything is correct, and that is also the timeframe we have to file a claim. If that time passes and we do not do so, the money will go directly to the seller and we will no longer be able to act.

How to file a complaint to Wallapop by phone

One of the most common methods we resort to when we want to contact a company for help is calling. Unfortunately, this does not apply to this platform: Wallapop does not have a customer service phone number. Although we can find some numbers online, they are all false.

How to file a complaint to Wallapop by email

Another method we usually turn to in case of any problem is sending an email. In this case, we can find several addresses to communicate with Wallapop's customer service, and they are the following:

  • soporte.envio@wallapop.com
  • support.es@wallapop.com
  • billing@wallapop.com (in this case, for payment issues)

However, you must remember that these are email accounts that receive several messages, so it is very likely that we will not get an answer from them for many days.

How to file a complaint to Wallapop on social networks

Social networks are now essential, and practically any website, service, or application has a social media account. Wallapop has Twitter (or X), Instagram, and Facebook accounts where they answer private messages. Currently, this is one of the most efficient ways to get in touch quickly with the company.

How to file a complaint to Wallapop through the Help Center

Wallapop has a section on its website intended to resolve any doubts you may have when buying or selling items. This section, called Help Center, has a chat that will answer automatically, although it will not work in certain situations.

This is what Wallapop's help center looks likeThis is what Wallapop's help center looks like

If we search well throughout this Help Center, we will find several sections where you can get a direct link to a Contact Form. In it, we must indicate what we need help with, our e-mail address, and attach any image or document that may be useful for solving the problem.

Reasons why you can file a complaint on Wallapop

Many things can go wrong when buying something online, especially when it is a second-hand product. Wallapop is nothing more than an intermediary between a buyer and a seller, which makes the process of making a claim even more difficult. The following are the main causes of complaints against the platform.

Complain because you are not satisfied with the product

When we purchase something through Wallapop, we rely solely on the information provided by the seller and the product photos uploaded to the listing. It is fairly common that when we open the package the moment it gets home, we see that the item does not correspond 100% with what we had bought, either because it is a different size (in the case of clothing) or its characteristics or condition differ from what the ad said.

This is the main reason for complaining to Wallapop, and the one that usually leads to the most complaints.

Complain because the product has been damaged in transit

Damage during transport is another common reason for Wallapop claims. If this is your case, it is paramount that you take pictures of the product packaging before and after opening it, as this will help you prove that the shipment arrived at your home in bad condition.

Complain because Wallapop is not paying you

Not receiving payment is another common reason for complaints, whether we are sellers or buyers. In the first case, it is simpler, since sellers receive the money in their Wallapop wallet within 48 hours counting from the moment the buyer receives the shipment. This period may be shorter if the buyer accepts the purchase before the time runs out.

Wallapop refunds depend on multiple factorsWallapop refunds depend on multiple factors

The situation changes significantly if we are buyers expecting a refund. There is no specific number of days to receive it since it will depend on the payment method used. If we use the Wallapop wallet, the refund is instantaneous, on the other hand, if we use PayPal we will receive the money within 2 to 3 working days. It will be much longer in the case of Apple Pay or card, as it amounts to 10 working days. Anything over these deadlines deserves to be the subject of a direct complaint to Wallapop.

Complain because Wallapop lost a package

We may never receive something we bought on Wallapop. The shipping services available on the platform usually work correctly, but that doesn't mean there won't be a problem eventually. If, after a few days, we do not receive the package, the best thing to do is to file a complaint directly with the platform.

What claims are not covered by Wallapop

Wallapop has a clear return policy, and it is usually updated from time to time. The last update was in February 2024, and it specified which cases are excluded from possible claims. There are several, and just below we can see a summary:

  • Voluntary withdrawal.
  • Products not allowed on Wallapop, such as emulators, cryptocurrency wallets, or official uniforms.
  • Products whose content or performance cannot be verified.
  • Products advertised as damaged or specifically advertised for parts.
  • Color differences between the received product and the advertised one (provided that the difference is not obvious).
  • Products with obvious stains, dirt, and marks of use, as long as these can be verified in the images.
  • Discrepancies in size or shape of clothing and footwear, as long as they correspond to what is advertised.
  • Products that were handled by the buyer once received.
  • Ads whose photos are from the Internet, third parties, etc.
  • Products whose authenticity cannot be verified.

If we are unsure that a claim can be filed in our particular case, the best we can do is to file it using one of the ways we can see above. In this way, the platform will directly give you an answer and clear up any doubts, and you will be able to see how your issue is finally resolved.