Juan Lorente

Juan Lorente

About me…

Life takes many turns and you never know where you might end up. After studying law, I finally ended up as a content writer on technology and video games, a profession I love as much as it challenges me every day. For several years now, I have fully dedicated myself to writing articles about technology, mostly focused on Android devices and applications of all kinds, from the most common ones such as WhatsApp to others much more specialized. I have also been able to write several articles about software, including many guides for users who are not very familiar with these technologies. I always try to learn in order to improve my articles, and I always do my best in them. Malavida gave me the opportunity to write for them, and I could not miss that chance.

The end does not justify the means.
Some short questions…
  • What operating system do you prefer or use the most?

    The ones I use most on a daily basis are Android and Windows, although I always have an eye on iOS having owned an iPhone for several years.

  • In your opinion, which is the best mobile operating system?

    I would say Android, although both iOS and it have features that make them unique.

  • What application is a must on your computer?

    Microsoft Edge.

  • And on your smartphone?

    Telegram and Spotify, in particular.

  • Do you have a favourite game?

    I am FIFA saga lover, although I like to play absolutely everything.

  • Fond of social networks? Which is your favourite?

    I am not particularly fond of social networks, although I have nothing against them. If I had to choose one, it would definitely be Twitter.

  • If you had to choose, which would you say has been the greatest technological invention of the last century?

    It is hard to choose just one but I would put my money on YouTube, a platform that has single-handedly changed the way we watch content.

  • Who do you consider has contributed most towards the development of software?

    I don't think there is a unique person who has contributed to the development of software more than others, I think it is a small world that has been able to grow enormously collaboratively.

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