Minecraft is, to date, the game that offers the greatest freedom to its players. The options that Mojang's title gives us are nearly endless, but that can overwhelm some players. Creating a world and diving into it to discover all its secrets is fun, but sometimes it is better to appear at a certain location within a biome or near an outstanding building. That is where seeds come into play, and that is why in this article we show you the 10 best ones for the Android version of the game.

What is a Minecraft seed?

Before moving on to the seeds, we must first explain what a Minecraft seed is. These are, in essence, codes that let us create particular worlds in the game. If we create a default world in the game, we will get a random result, but we can change this by using one of these seeds.

A seed code is composed of an alphanumeric series that causes the game to create a world in a specific way. In other words: a seed is a kind of DNA that will make our newly produced world have a specific set of elements or biomes. Most of them are generated by other users, which lets us play in worlds identical to theirs.

How to enter seeds in Minecraft for Android

Of course, the seed is something that we will have to use when creating a new world, although the good news is that you can create as many as you want. To introduce the seeds in the Android version of Minecraft, follow these steps:

  1. Within Minecraft, tap on Play.
  2. Choose the Create New option to be able to design your new world.
  3. In the options, write a name to easily identify it and configure everything to your liking.
  4. Tap on Advanced and the World Seed option will appear. Type it and tap on Create.
Here we will enter the alphanumeric code for each seedHere we will enter the alphanumeric code for each seed

The best seeds on Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android

Just below, we will show you some of the best seeds you can use in the Pocket Edition version of Minecraft for Android smartphones. All you have to do is follow the instructions above and start enjoying a world full of wonderful details and things to discover.

Cherry grove

  • Seed: -1390026623
  • Description In the coordinates 200,900 of this world you will find a beautiful cherry forest that will allow you to settle in a dream environment to start playing.
Cherry tree forest in MinecraftCherry tree forest in Minecraft


  • Seed: -3271674935876727390
  • Description: A completely different world from the previous one. This time you will appear on an icy landscape with a shipwreck to explore.
Shipwreck in MinecraftShipwreck in Minecraft

Haunted Mansion

  • Seed: 165605352
  • Description: In Minecraft, it is possible to find large buildings of all kinds, and with this seed, you can see a haunted mansion to explore or, why not, turn into your abode.
Scary mansion in MinecraftScary mansion in Minecraft

Lake in the mountains

  • Seed: -436497117887980569
  • Description: This seed will let you start your adventure in a huge lake surrounded by rock formations, a quiet environment to begin with, but it is surrounded by a wide area you can explore.
Huge mountain lake in MinecraftHuge mountain lake in Minecraft

Valley with two villages

  • Seed: -6033842555559616640
  • Description: Very close to where you will appear on this seed, you can find two villages very close to each other, which is something you can benefit a lot from when starting. Additionally, the zone features different kinds of resources.
Valley with villages in MinecraftValley with villages in Minecraft

Desert Village

  • Seed: 1738801
  • Description: If you want a village, but prefer a desert-like biome, this is the seed you are looking for.
Village in the desert in MinecraftVillage in the desert in Minecraft

A pit in the snow

  • Seed: 340883181811974
  • Description: With this seed, you will find yourself in an icy biome with a huge pit. It hides several caves full of enemies, minerals, and other secrets to discover.
Pit in the snow in MinecraftPit in the snow in Minecraft

From the bottom of a cave

  • Seed: 7445395903252703439
  • Description: If you like challenges and want to start in a place that is not friendly to the player, pick this seed and you will start at the bottom of a deep cavern. Here you will find many resources, but also a large number of enemies.
From the bottom of a cave in MinecraftFrom the bottom of a cave in Minecraft

Ancient buried city

  • Seed: 565535403532980236
  • Description: This seed will also make you appear in a cave, although this time, you will find yourself inside an ancient city with a gloomy atmosphere. Another seed that will also give you a hard time at the beginning.
Ancient buried city in MinecraftAncient buried city in Minecraft

An island in the middle of nowhere

  • Seed: 937250616
  • Description: In Minecraft, you can also encounter islands, and with this seed, you will appear directly on one in the middle of nowhere. But it does have several biomes and many resources to get you started.
Island in the middle of nowhere in MinecraftIsland in the middle of nowhere in Minecraft

Playing Minecraft will always surprise you, but starting with one of these seeds, you will have environments, places, or buildings worth exploring. Of course, there is more to these worlds than that, though you will have to spend several hours exploring them to discover all they offer.