In Minecraft, you can find several weapons and tools. One of them is the Trident, rarer than the typical sword but very useful for melee or ranged attacks and especially strong when enchanted. It also lets you move more easily in the water, something very useful due to the mobility difficulties that water surfaces generally entail. Below, we explain in detail how you can get the Trident and the best enchantments you can put on it.

How to get the Trident in Minecraft

In the Survival mode, to get a Trident, you will have to kill a drowned, a type of aquatic enemy creature with a similar appearance to the Zombies but more resplendent. They usually appear at night in water areas, so you will have to look around the area and dive until you find one of them. When you find it, attack it with your weapon until it dies, and if you are lucky, it will release a Trident (it must have it equipped and it is random, with a low rate of drop)

Drowned enemies in MinecraftDrowned enemies in Minecraft

On the other hand, in Creative mode, it is way easier. We simply have to open the object menu, and once there, search for "Trident" in the search engine. When it appears, just select the object to pick it up and have it in your inventory.

Find the Trident in the Creative ModeFind the Trident in the Creative Mode

Best Trident enchantments

If you have followed our Enchantment guide, you will already know how to create an Enchanting Table. Do so, and when you have it, you can start enchanting your newly obtained Trident with these recommended enchantments:

Enchant the Trident in MinecraftEnchant the Trident in Minecraft
  • Channeling: the trident summons lightning to whatever is struck, but the weather must be stormy.
  • Impaling: the trident inflicts more damage to creatures that are naturally generated in water.
  • Unbreaking: reduces the probability of damage to the trident. Higher levels further reduce this percentage.
  • Loyalty: the Trident returns after being thrown, and at higher levels, the waiting time to retrieve it is reduced.
  • Curse of Vanishing: the object is destroyed upon death.
  • Riptide: throwing a trident underwater or in the rain launches the player. Only works in water or rain.
  • Mending: repair the object using experience orbs.