In Minecraft, you can build different types of portals that teleport you to other places. Depending on what type of portal you want to build, the process varies, so we will review how to build each one of the different types of portals available in the game.

How to create a portal to Nether

Minecraft's Nether is a dimension inspired by hell itself. To build a portal to this dimension, in creative game mode, Nether's portal can be crafted directly from your inventory because you have all the materials available, but in normal game mode, you will need to collect different materials.

How to make a portal to the Nether in the creative mode

To start, place obsidian blocks and a lighter in your inventory.

Select obsidian blocks and a lighterSelect obsidian blocks and a lighter

You must build a frame with the obsidian blocks of 5 blocks high by 4 wide, leaving the interior holes empty.

Build the Nether portal’s structureBuild the Nether portal’s structure

Now, equip yourself with the lighter and set fire to the inside of the portal. Once you do this, the inside of the portal will turn purple and you can go through it to reach the Nether.

Set fire to the inside of the portal with the lighterSet fire to the inside of the portal with the lighter

How to make a portal to the Nether in the survival mode

In survival mode, you do not have obsidian blocks and a lighter on your inventory, so you will have to play a lot to get them.

For obsidian blocks, you need a diamond pickaxe. First, you will have to create a wooden pickaxe to get stone, then a stone pickaxe to get iron, then an iron pickaxe to be able to extract diamond, and finally create the diamond pickaxe that you need, by combining three diamonds on the top of the crafting table and two wooden sticks in the middle holes of the grid.

A diamond pickaxe recipeA diamond pickaxe recipe

Now that you have the diamond pickaxe in hand, it is time to mine some obsidian blocks. How? The easiest way is to pour water over the lava with a bucket. Find lava in the subsoil, between layers 1 and 10 it will be easy to find it. Pour a bucket of water over the lava, it will turn into a block of obsidian. You need at least 14 blocks of this material. Get it out with your brand-new diamond pickaxe. Repeat the steps as many times as necessary to get the total amount needed.

Pour water over the lava to create obsidianPour water over the lava to create obsidian

To create a lighter, you need a flint and an iron bar. Flint is a type of mineral that can be found when breaking blocks of gravel, you have a 10% chance of finding this material this way. You can also get it by trading with villagers or in chests. The iron bar can be obtained through the crafting table by gathering nine ironstones, but also from a block or iron ore. Another option is to melt iron ore. When you combine the flint and the bar on the table, you get the lighter that is needed to light the portal to the Nether.

Recipe to create a lighterRecipe to create a lighter

How to make a portal to the End

The End is a Minecraft dimension consisting of a central island and several islands around it, which is also the habitat of the Enderdragon, one of the game's final bosses. In creative game mode, the End portal can be crafted directly because you have all the necessary materials, but in normal game mode, you will need to collect different materials and find a fortress, the only place where you can find portals to the End.

Create an End portal in the creative mode

To create an End portal in the creative game mode, you need to equip yourself in the inventory with End portal blocks and Ender Eyes.

Select the materials to build the portalSelect the materials to build the portal

Now, you must select the blocks and create the portal frame. Place three blocks on each side, without the corners, and make sure you complete the perimeter from inside the structure and without mistakes. Otherwise, it will not work. When arranging the frame-blocks, you should ideally do so from the inside to ensure that all the blocks "look" inwards. It is complicated to detect this detail since the blocks of the End portal have practically the same appearance on all sides, so it is advisable to create that frame from the inside, otherwise the construction of the portal, we repeat, will not work. Once it is done, get out of the structure. Why so much accuracy in your movements? There is no one single explanation, but what is known is that if you make mistakes destroying and relocating blocks of the End and if you do not build the structure from the inside, the portal will not be created.

Portal structure with 3-block sidesPortal structure with 3-block sides

Now, you must place an eye of Ender on each block. Do it from the outside, always moving in the same direction and looking at the blocks from the front. Be accurate.

Place an eye of ender on each blockPlace an eye of ender on each block

By placing the last eye, if the code has been generated correctly, the structure's interior will turn black with a small, light-colored animation. If not, repeat the process, verifying that you have done each step as required, try a couple more times or change the location.

The inside structure will turn blackThe inside structure will turn black

When you go through the portal and fall into it, you will be directly in the End.

Go through the portal to get to EndGo through the portal to get to End

Create an End portal in the survival mode

In survival mode, you do not have the necessary materials to create a portal to the End, you will have to get them, and that is very difficult.

First, you must create eyes of Ender, to do so, you need materials that are only available in the dimension of Nether, the underworld. Therefore, it is necessary to create a portal to get there. Find obsidian blocks and create a 5x4 block portal. Do not put blocks in the corners and do not fill the interior either. Activate the portal to the Nether with a lighter, you can build it with a flint and steel. Set fire to the lower interior blocks. All the steps for creating a portal to Nether are explained at the beginning of this guide.

Once in the new dimension, you must find Blaze's rods. To get them, you must kill Blazes, a kind of enemy that only can be found in this underworld's fortresses. By doing so, you will get the rods. Make sure you get at least 5, although it is highly recommended to get 7 or more.

You have to kill a BlazeYou have to kill a Blaze

Now, it is time to get some Ender pearls, so you have to kill several Endermans. This type of tentacled black enemy is common in the upper world, although they can also be found in the Nether. They are enemies who only attack if you look at them straight.

Kill an Enderman to get an Ender pearlKill an Enderman to get an Ender pearl

Once you have got Blaze's rods and Ender's pearls, you can create the necessary Ender's eyes, you need at least 9, but as usual, it is better if you have plenty of them. The recipe is simple, open the crafting table and place a blaze stick to obtain two blaze powders. Once this is done, place a Blaze powder and an Ender pearl on the grid, it does not matter the order. That will create an Ender's eye.

Recipe to create an eye of EnderRecipe to create an eye of Ender

Ender's eyes are used to easily locate fortresses in your world. Equip an Ender's eye and throw it, it will float and move a few meters in the nearest fortress direction. Watch out, because any fortress is at least 1408 blocks away from the origin point on the map, so it will be useless to use it at first without having traveled that distance first. One more thing to keep in mind is that Ender's eyes have a 20% chance of breaking when using them. The other 80% of the time, you can pick it up after use wherever it falls. Repeat the operation and walk in the direction indicated by the eye until one of them travels downwards, it will mean that you are near a fortress. If it goes backward, you missed the fortress.

Once the fortress is located, dig down until you find it. After reaching it, search well inside to find the portal room. All the fortresses have a portal room, and the portal is easily recognizable as it is formed by green cubes. You must place an Ender's eye on every cube that forms the portal frame. You need at least 12, but maybe some cube already has its own eye and you need some less. Once you place the last eye, the portal will be activated, and you will be able to go through it to reach the End.

End portal in a fortressEnd portal in a fortress

On the other hand, you should know that in the End there is a so-called exit portal, a structure that lets you go back to the normal world. Of course, this portal is not created by the user, it is already there. To use it, you must kill the Enderdragon.