To find gold in Minecraft Pocket Edition, there are a couple of different methods. Of course, in creative mode, gold is available in the inventory from the beginning, but in survival mode, you will have to look for more.

How to find gold in the mines of Minecraft

Your first choice is to mine gold. To do it, you need to have an iron or diamond pickaxe. It will not do you any good to use an inferior pickaxe, as they will destroy the gold block or ore without giving you the ore. To create the required pickaxe, the first thing to do is collecting wood to create a crafting table. Look for trees and chop them to get the wood. Once you have it, open the inventory, place a block of wood on the grid, and generate planks. For each block of wood, you can create 4 planks. Once you have those 4 planks, go back to the inventory grid, place each of the planks in each of the 4 holes, and finally, get the necessary crafting table. Put the table in the place of the stage that is most comfortable for you.

Create a crafting tableCreate a crafting table

Keep collecting wood to create a wooden pickaxe on the crafting table. You will need 3 wooden planks and two sticks, use the inventory grid. When you have these objects, go to the crafting table and place three planks on top and two sticks or wooden sticks in the central holes to build it.

Make a wooden pickaxeMake a wooden pickaxe

It is time to create the stone pickaxe. Use your wooden pickaxe and start digging the ground diagonally until you reach the rock. You need at least three blocks. When you have them, return to the table and place the three stone blocks in the top three squares, and two wooden sticks in the two free vertical holes in the center of the grid to create the stone pickaxe.

Make a stone pickaxeMake a stone pickaxe

Now that you have the minimum pickaxe needed to get gold, you need to get to the level where the material is located. You can find it in layers up to 36, although you can consider up to layer 32 to find it easily, after that, the probability decreases. Use the map to know which Y-coordinate you are at all times (be sure to activate the option to see the coordinates on screen in your world settings). To get to that level, dig diagonally to avoid falling and provide yourself with torches (you will need charcoal) to be able to see in the dark if necessary. Dig until you find a block of stone with small yellow specks, that is how gold ore looks. Use the stone pickaxe to destroy the block or ore and get the gold nugget at the end.

A gold ore in MinecraftA gold ore in Minecraft

To be able to extract the gold ore, you need at least one stone pickaxe, although any superior pickaxe will do the trick. Once you have the gold ore, you can melt it in a furnace using any fuel to create gold bars.

To get gold ingots, smelt ores in a furnaceTo get gold ingots, smelt ores in a furnace

You can also use a crafting table to group 9 bars into a block of gold.

With 9 ingots, you can create a gold blockWith 9 ingots, you can create a gold block

How to get gold by killing Minecraft enemies

Another option to get gold in your inventory is to kill creatures from the underworld, specifically the zombie pig. When you do, your victim will leave a trail of gold nuggets that you can also use.

A zombie pigmanA zombie pigman

Gold is more abundant in the plateau biomes, so you should start mining in these areas. This is an appreciated material, although its real use does not go beyond creating the clock, golden apples, and being used as a decorative element.