If there is an important mechanic to progress in Minecraft, it is enchanting objects. Now, what happens if we want to do the process in reverse? Disenchanting objects can also be useful, especially if we are new and made an enchantment by mistake. If that is your case, keep reading! We will explain below the different ways to disenchant an item in Minecraft.

How to disenchant items with the grindstone in Minecraft

The simplest and most efficient way in terms of materials spent to disenchant items is to use the grindstone. Most players make this item within their first hours of gameplay, but many do not know how it works.

If we interact with the grindstone, we will see two boxes that we can fill with items. Now, we have to place the item we want to disenchant in the upper box, and just to the right, it will appear without the enchantment, as you can see in the image below. The best part? We will also gain a lot of experience.

This is how the grindstone is used to disenchantThis is how the grindstone is used to disenchant

How to create a grindstone in Minecraft

As mentioned above, crafting a grindstone is one of those things that everyone does at the beginning of the game. Now, it may happen that you have never done it, so below, we show you the materials you need and where they must be placed on the crafting table:

  • First row: stick on left and right; stone slab in the middle
  • Second row: Wooden planks (almost any will do) both left and right. Leave the center empty.
  • Third row: Empty.
How to craft a grindstoneHow to craft a grindstone

How to disenchant by crafting

There is a second way of disenchanting objects, although it needs more resources. This method consists of merging two identical objects on the crafting table, one enchanted and the other without enchantments. By doing this, the object resulting from the combination will be the same object used without any enchantment. When you are starting, this can be a useful method, but if, for example, you want to disenchant a diamond pickaxe, you will spend a lot more resources.

A less efficient way of disenchantingA less efficient way of disenchanting

Which objects cannot be disenchanted in Minecraft

Although most enchanted objects can be disenchanted in Minecraft, there are a couple of exceptions. The exceptions in question can be seen below:

  • Curse of Vanishing: Any item enchanted with this curse will automatically disappear from the player's inventory when the player dies. That is the only way to eliminate it.
  • Curse of Binding: An equipment item with this curse cannot be removed. The only way to do so is in Creative mode, by dying, or when the object breaks.

Apart from the curses above, you can disenchant any Minecraft item in your world using any of the two above-explained methods. Our recommendation is to always use the grindstone, but if you are far from one, try the other method if it won't cost too many resources.