In Minecraft, the anvil is one of the most useful objects. With it, it is possible to repair objects while keeping their enchantments, or even enchanting them if we use an enchantment book. Each repair costs experience and resources, and the anvil will deteriorate and break as it is used. Although it is a "disposable" item, it is worth having, especially when using weapons that require hard-to-find materials.

How to make an anvil

To make an anvil, it is necessary to get the following materials:

  • 3 iron blocks
  • 4 iron bars

To obtain iron blocks, you need to break iron with a pickaxe made of stone or harder material. Iron bars, on the other hand, can be easily obtained from iron blocks by crafting them with a crafting table.

To create the anvil, the order of the materials is as follows:

  • First row: 3 iron blocks
  • Second row: One iron bar in the center
  • Third row: 3 iron bars
Anvil recipeAnvil recipe

How to repair objects with an anvil

Once you have crafted and placed the anvil, tap on it to use it. The use of an anvil requires two objects: one to repair and one to sacrifice. The object to be repaired should be placed in the box on the left, while the object to be sacrificed should be placed in the box on the right.

As an example, you can see the following image.

Repairing a pickaxe with an anvilRepairing a pickaxe with an anvil

To repair the stone pickaxe, we have placed the pickaxe on the left and the stone blocks on the right. Thanks to this, the pickaxe is now fully repaired and has only cost us a block of stone and a bit of experience.