The cubic world of Minecraft is virtually infinite and offers us as players endless possibilities to develop our imagination and create anything we want.

As we explained in our complete guide to the game, the first thing you need to have to start making materials are tools and other useful items is a crafting table. Once you have it in your inventory, you can place it wherever you want and get ready to start creating.

Now, it is time to talk about pistons, useful blocks that you can easily craft using a series of materials such as wood, cobblestone, iron ingot, and redstone dust. Since it can be a bit challenging, here is the step-by-step creation process, as well as what exactly a piston is and what it is used for.

What is a piston in Minecraft and what is it for?

A piston is a type of Minecraft block that features a vertically or horizontally moving spring and serves to move most blocks in different directions, depending on the trajectory they are pointing in. They can push up to 12 blocks in total, plus creatures and the player. They can be placed on your base to protect it or in front of a wall to jump over it, for example, among other ideas. Now, let us explain how to build them.

Piston on a lava scenario in MinecraftPiston on a lava scenario in Minecraft

How to craft a piston in Minecraft step by step

Collect wood. To do this, you must find a tree of any kind and hit it with your fists until you get a block of wood out of it. It is quicker and easier if we use an ax, but if you are just starting, you can do it with your own hands.

Find wood around the scenarioFind wood around the scenario

When you have the wood, place it on the crafting table that you have previously made to obtain wooden planks that you can use to continue building.

Craft wood planksCraft wood planks

Now, you need stone. To get it, you must create a pickaxe. The pickaxe is created by placing three horizontal wooden planks at the top and two sticks at the bottom, vertically (as shown in the image below).

Make a pickaxe with sticks and woodMake a pickaxe with sticks and wood

Remember that the sticks are created by placing two pieces of wood on top of each other.

Craft more wood sticksCraft more wood sticks

When you have the pickaxe, you can go to any stone area to get Cobblestone. 4 blocks will be enough.

Find cobblestoneFind cobblestone

Now, you must get an iron ingot, something that we already taught you how to get in a previous guide. Once you have the wood, the cobblestone, and the iron ingot, the most complex part remains, which is the redstone powder, that we also taught you previously. When you have all the materials, you can go to the crafting table and place them as shown in the image.

Recipe to craft the pistonRecipe to craft the piston

Once you have them, you can finally get the piston, collect it for your inventory, and use it as you wish to move blocks.