In Minecraft, there are a large number of interesting items and tools to discover while you explore and go on a great adventure. As part of our game guide, we tell you the details of the Composter, a special block with a useful function to get the bone dust material.

What is the Composter in Minecraft and what is it for?

As its name suggests, the composter is used to convert organic matter (food and plant material) into bone dust. Villagers can use it as a work table, so we can find them in the villages, but in general, players use it for the first-mentioned function. To use it, you have to equip the food (a carrot, for example) and then tap on the composter so that it fills up.

How to use the composterHow to use the composter

Once filled, a whitish cloth will appear on top, and then, you must tap on it with nothing in your hand to get the bone dust in return.

Collect bone meal from the composterCollect bone meal from the composter

How to craft a composter in Minecraft

To create a composter, you will only need 7 slabs of any wood. To get these slabs, you must start by getting wood (you know: hitting a tree with your hands or with an ax) and process it on the work table to get planks.

Craft wood to make planksCraft wood to make planks

Once you have the planks, place them in a horizontal row of three to get the desired wood slabs.

Craft wood slabsCraft wood slabs

Finally, place the slabs as shown in the image below to get the garbage composter by pressing on it.

Craft the composter in MinecraftCraft the composter in Minecraft

And now you have it! You can also choose to find a village and steal the composter from the villagers, but they probably will be upset if a stranger comes to destroy their property, so it will be more effective if you build it from scratch, taking advantage of the fact that the recipe is quite simple in this particular case.