In Minecraft, many different materials have an infinite number of uses. One of them is lapis lazuli, a stunning material mainly because of its color. Do you know what it is for and how you can get it? Keep reading, and let us explain it to you.

What is lapis lazuli used for in Minecraft?

The uses you can give to lapis lazuli are limited. It can be used in the enchantment table in version 1.8, it can dye wool blue (even painting a sheep directly), change the color of the collar of some pets, such as cats or wolves, or be used as a building material or decorative element in the constructions you make.

By combining lapis lazuli with cactus green dye, cyan dye is obtained. Light-colored dye is also obtained by combining it with bone powder from dead skeletons, and purple is produced by combining it with pink-red dye obtained from red tulip, poppy, or beets.

How to get lapis lazuli

To get lapis lazuli in Minecraft, you will have to find lapis lazuli ores. The blocks of this mineral have small dark blue specks but do not confuse them with diamonds, which color is a lighter blue. This is a scarce mineral. In creative mode, it is available in your inventory from the beginning, but in survival mode, it is more complicated.

First, you must get a stone pickaxe or a tool of superior quality. To do this, you will first have to collect wood and create a crafting table. Then, with more wood, you will have to create a wooden pickaxe (3 woods at the top and two sticks in the two remaining central holes) to efficiently dig on the ground and find stone. Once you have it, you must combine stone and wood on the crafting table to create your pickaxe. The stone peak is the minimum necessary to obtain lapis lazuli, if you have a superior quality pickaxe, you will be able to find what you are looking for faster.

Stone pickaxe, the minimum requirement to get lapis lazuliStone pickaxe, the minimum requirement to get lapis lazuli

Your next step is to start digging. The blocks of this material are found between level 32 and below, although their maximum concentration is in layer 19. Look in places that have water nearby. Each mined block will give you 4 to 8 lapis lazuli stones without the use of an oven.

Lapis lazuli block or oreLapis lazuli block or ore

If you have a silk enchanted pickaxe, you can extract the whole block or ore. As usual in these cases, that block can be melted in an oven to obtain the final lapis lazuli.

Smelt an ore to get lapis lazuliSmelt an ore to get lapis lazuli

Now that you know everything about lapis lazuli, it is time to use it in your adventure.