To build a house in Minecraft, you must first build tools to collect materials, and then, lay them out on the ground to make the construction itself. Building a house requires time and dedication, although if you are looking for a simple shelter, you have easier alternatives that we will see later. You should also bear in mind that creating a house has more to do with survival mode as you need to protect yourself from enemies, although you might also want to do it in creative mode for fun.

First, get good materials, and to collect them, you will need tools, so it is required to create a work table. Locate trees and start chopping them for blocks of wood.

Chop trees and collect woodChop trees and collect wood

When you have a block of wood, access your inventory and place it on the crafting grid.

3x3 grid to create objects3x3 grid to create objects

Tap on a block of wood on the left side and then tap on an empty slot of the crafting table on the right side. As you see in the picture, with a block of wood, you get four boxes or boards. Click on them, and then, on the slot of the left side of your inventory where you want to put them.

A block of wood gives 4 boxes or planksA block of wood gives 4 boxes or planks

With 4 boards of this type, you can create a work table, placing each board in each of the slots of the crafting table.

Four boxes or planks allow us to create a crafting tableFour boxes or planks allow us to create a crafting table

Set up the table in your main inventory at the bottom and return to your world.

Add the crafting table to your main inventoryAdd the crafting table to your main inventory

Place it in your hand and then place it anywhere on stage.

Place the table at any point of the scenarioPlace the table at any point of the scenario

Time to continue collecting materials. This time, for the construction of tools that let you collect what you need for building the house, look for wood, stone, iron, and such. With them, you will be able to create shovels and pickaxes with more or less quality that will make this task much easier. For example, to create a wooden pickaxe, collect wood, return to the crafting table and arrange it on the grid. The same goes for a stone pickaxe, the one immediately above it, or for an iron pickaxe. The recipe is the same in all cases, two sticks in the boxes in the middle of the grid and three units of the material to use at the top. Only the materials change.

Building an iron pickaxeBuilding an iron pickaxe

In Minecraft, everything is based on the collection of material and its subsequent crafting for the creation of objects, so the quality of any construction will depend on the materials you have been able to collect and use in the process.

As far as the actual construction of the house is concerned, all you have to do is use the materials you have to start the construction. Think of a construction pattern or design beforehand and start building it by precisely placing blocks of material. Use doors, windows, different materials for walls, roof, floor, and more. The limit is set by your creativity and the materials you have in survival mode. In creative mode, you have all the required materials.

Building a houseBuilding a house

Once you have completed the construction, you will be able to use it for shelter from the dangers of the night and establish it as your particular refuge.

Inside a brick house in MinecraftInside a brick house in Minecraft Outside a houseOutside a house

In survival mode, the most logical thing is that the house is the first thing you want to create to protect yourself. It does not have to be a big house, just a shelter. In this case, all you have to do is collect blocks of earth and arrange them to form a house. Furthermore, you can even dig your own space on the ground of your world, creating some cave or nook that protects you from dangers. Just try to be able to control a single point of entry.

A shelter dug into the landA shelter dug into the land

In the creative mode, it is not indispensable to create a house as there are no dangers, and also, you have at your disposal all the materials and objects of the game, so it is much easier to do it.