Minecraft offers a wide variety of adventures, and as Mojang has released more and more updates, the available options have increased even more. Now, we will tell you all about the grindstone so you can build it and understand what it is used for in the game.

What is the grindstone used for in Minecraft?

The main function of the grindstone in the game is to repair and disenchant weapons, armor, and other items such as enchantment books. When you disenchant a previously enchanted item, you will receive the experience that the item had accumulated. Yet, the grindstone is not useful for removing curses.

Use the Grindstone to disenchant objectsUse the Grindstone to disenchant objects

Recipe for crafting a Grindstone in Minecraft

To create a grindstone, you will need three main materials: 2 sticks, a stone slab, and two planks of any wood. Below, we tell you how to achieve all this, as well as the final recipe and the order of placement of each material.

The first step is to get wood. You should already know how to get it from the trees (hitting them with your fists or an ax to go faster), but just in case you need a reminder of the most effective method here, focused on how to make a house. Once you have it, place it on the crafting table and you will get wooden planks.

Craft wood to create PlanksCraft wood to create Planks

When you have them, you can keep a pair and with the other two, by placing them vertically on top of each other on the crafting table, you get sticks.

Create Sticks in MinecraftCreate Sticks in Minecraft

Lastly, we need the stone slab. When you have the base material (also very simple, using a pickaxe on any rock surface), place three of the stones horizontally on the crafting table to obtain the desired material.

Get stone slabs in MinecraftGet stone slabs in Minecraft

When you have everything, you just have to place it as shown in the image below. This way, you can tap on the resulting grindstone and pick it up.

Crafting recipe to create a Grindstone in MinecraftCrafting recipe to create a Grindstone in Minecraft

That is, as simple as it gets, the process of creating a grindstone. With it in your inventory, you can place it wherever you want to start using it to disenchant weapons and armors.