In addition to the work table, the furnace is one of those key blocks in Minecraft that must not be missing in your inventory. The furnaces are used to melt metals and cook food, among other functions, so you can build them from scratch and with only eight stone blocks. Below, you will find the recipe, as well as an in-depth description of the Blast Furnace, a type of block that was added in version 1.14 and that has the ability to melt twice as fast as a normal furnace (although this also means that it consumes twice as much charcoal).

How to build a furnace in Minecraft

For the normal furnace recipe, all you need to do is chop eight blocks of stone and place them on the work table as you see in the picture below. Now, you can get what you are looking for and save it in your inventory with a single click.

Crafting a furnace in MinecraftCrafting a furnace in Minecraft

Once you have it in place, you can use it by tapping on it. To make it work, you will need charcoal that can be easily obtained in shallow rock surfaces, place it in the lower hole, and in the upper hole, the material you want to melt or cook. Practice makes perfect, so go ahead and try out new possibilities and results!

How to make a blast furnace in Minecraft

To build a blast furnace, you need to have in your inventory a furnace, 5 iron ingots, and three smooth stones. If you have followed our guide and visited the link we have provided you with, you will already know how to get the first two items. In the case of the last one, it is very simple, just place normal stones in the furnace with the ones that come out as a result, place them again a second time, and you get smooth stones as a result.

Smelting smooth Stone in MinecraftSmelting smooth Stone in Minecraft

When you have all the necessary materials, you can place them in the order shown in the following image to obtain the resulting blast furnace.

Crafting a blast furnace in MinecraftCrafting a blast furnace in Minecraft

This special type of furnace is useful when you want to melt gold or other types of ores that require a longer melting time since the main feature of the blast furnace is its high capacity and speed. However, you must increase your coal reserves because you are going to need lots and lots of them.