The first step to breed villagers in Minecraft is to gather two of them in the same house or any enclosed place Once you have done this, you must make sure that one of the villagers has a job. If not, place a block of a job (lectern, composter, cauldron, among others) near one of them and you will automatically become a tradesman.

The next step is to place beds. There should be two for the couple and an additional one for each child you want to breed. Finally, you must give food to the villagers. If you throw several stacks near them, there will come a time when they will share the food and some hearts will come out. After a while, the child will appear. In total, up to two children can be raised per day, and that is no small feat. The trick, however, only works during the day, never at night.

How to gather villagers

Bringing two villagers together is not difficult, but you can spend some time trying. The first prerequisite is to find a village. You may have to take a long walk to find one. Once you have found the village, you will see that there are several villagers. Now, the difficult thing is to bring them together in one place. We recommend that you place several blocks around each one to "trap" them so they cannot move.

The next step is to build a walled road connecting the two villagers. Now, open a corner where the two can go out and meet. Avoid making the location too large, as the characters may not match as easily as required.