In Minecraft, there are a large number of different creatures, many of them hostile. Although all enemies can be attacked with any weapon (sword, bow, pickaxe, and such), each one has its own AI, and not all of them have the same amount of hearts.

Among the hostile creatures, there are two types: those that require provocation to attack us, and those that, on the contrary, will always attack us as soon as they see us. All of them are listed below.

Neutral creatures

These are the enemies that will not attack you if you do not provoke them first.

  • Bee: They attack with a sting, and can poison the player.
  • Spider: They are agile enemies, although somewhat weak.
  • Cave spiders: They are somewhat smaller than normal spiders and can poison.
  • Goat: They are capable of jumping up to 10 blocks away, their attack produces a great recoil.
  • Dolphin: They live in the ocean and will follow you if you use a boat.
  • Enderman: They are very tall, they have many hearts.
  • Iron golem: Because of its behavior, it attacks any other hostile creature.
  • Llama: Its attack, the spit, is very ineffective.
Llama, one of the neutral animalsLlama, one of the neutral animals
  • Wolf: If you attack one, all wolves nearby will attack you.
  • Polar bear: When attacked, they will chase the player at high speed, especially in the water where they swim faster.
  • Panda: Some of them are aggressive when attacked and are slow but their attacks have a long-range.
  • Pufferfish: They inflate when you pass near them and cannot survive out of the water.
  • Piglin: They can attack with weapons if you attack them first.
  • Zombified Piglin: They are similar to normal Piglins with only minor changes in their appearance.

Hostile creatures

These are the creatures that will start attacking as soon as they see you.

  • Drowned: It is found in sea and river areas and can even carry a trident.
  • Zombie Villager: These are the most common and basic enemies in Minecraft.
  • Vex: This flying creature carries a sword to attack.
  • Blaze: This enemy only appears in the Nether Fortresses, attacks by shooting, and if defeated, it will drop Blaze Rods.
  • Witch: If they see you, they will start throwing poisonous potions at you.
  • Creeper: Very common Minecraft enemy. If you stand next to it, it will explode.
  • Magma cube: Found in the Nether. It splits into smaller and smaller blocks and produces fire.
  • Ravagers: These large creatures appear while looting in villages and are capable of breaking very resistant blocks.
  • Ender Dragon: This dragon is one of the final enemies of the game.
  • Endermite: Only created when an Ender Pearl is cast, its attacks cause considerable damage.
  • Skeleton: It is a fairly common enemy, it can attack with bow and arrows as well as with a sword.
Skeleton, one of the most common Minecraft mobsSkeleton, one of the most common Minecraft mobs
  • Glacial skeleton: They are similar to skeletons, but only appear in snowy or frozen places.
  • Wither skeleton: They only appear in the Nether fortresses. Its attack produces decomposition, so it is recommended to bring milk against them.
  • Phantom: These enemies attack players who have not slept for 3 or more days in Minecraft.
  • Ghast: A Nether creature that spews fire, although it can burn.
  • Guardian: This creature only appears in the water. From its eye, it shoots a beam that can harm you.
  • Elder guardian: Similar to the guardian, but stronger.
  • Hoglin: They appear in the Nether and if their attack hits you, it will launch you into the air.
  • Evoker: A type of hostile villager capable of attacking with different spells.
  • Chicken jockey: It is a baby zombie mounted on a chicken.
  • Spider jockey: It is a skeleton on a spider.
  • Ravager jockey: It is a kind of looter mounted on a devastator.
  • Skeleton jockey: A skeleton mounted on a skeleton horse.
  • Silverfish: These are insects that can be eliminated with silver cubes.
  • Piglin brute: They are pigs armed with golden weapons, so they can pose a great threat.
  • Pillager: Its design resembles the villagers', but they behave in a hostile way by shooting at us.
  • Shulker: This enemy does not move, it only shoots. It is located in the cities of the End.
  • Slime: It is a common enemy that appears in swamps. When hit, this creature splits into smaller ones.
  • Vindicator: They wield an iron ax and want to hit both players and other villagers.
  • Wither: Along with the Ender Dragon, this is one of the final bosses of Minecraft.
  • Zoglin: They are immune to fire and lava and attack almost every living thing, players included.
  • Zombies: They are very common; they will attack players and may be armed.
  • Husk: Unlike normal zombies, these appear in deserts and do not burn in sunlight.