The attraction enchantment is used to reduce the time needed to catch a fish when fishing. This enchantment has a maximum level of 3, and in total, it reduces the waiting time by 5 seconds for each level. Since fishing can become very difficult if our objective is to catch a rare fish, the attraction enchantment is very useful.

Just as with any other enchantment, there are two ways to get the attraction enchantment, either with an anvil, using the attraction enchantment book, or with an enchanting table.

How to get the attraction enchantment with an anvil

If you already have a book enchanted with the attraction enchantment in your possession, use an anvil. The recipe is simple, just place the fishing rod in the left box and the enchanted book in the right box.

Crafting an enchanted rod with an anvilCrafting an enchanted rod with an anvil

Enchanted books can be found in chests and can also appear while fishing. Getting the book of enchanted attraction is not simple. If you do not know how to do it, in another guide, we explain how to create an anvil in Minecraft for Android.

How to get the attraction enchantment with an enchanting table

The other way to enchant a fishing rod is through the enchanting table. If you do not know how to create it, this is the recipe:

  • First row: Book in the central position
  • Second row: Diamonds on the sides and obsidian in the center.
  • Third row: Three obsidian blocks.
Crafting an enchanting tableCrafting an enchanting table

From the enchantment table, it is necessary to place the fishing rod and lapis lazuli so the different enchantments available will appear.

Crafting an enchanted rod on an enchanting tableCrafting an enchanted rod on an enchanting table

The enchantments that will appear are random, the attraction enchantment may appear as well as any other. One thing to keep in mind is that if you place several library blocks around the enchanting table, better enchantments will appear to add to the rod.