X8 DrawPlus is a practical application to start off in the world of vector graphical designing. It offers you multiple tools to create your own illustrations
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Here is a tool with which you'll be able to start in the world of vector drawing. These images are popular due to the possibilities they offer when it comes to expanding them without losing any quality because they are formed by vectors. With DrawPlus you'll be able to design everything that you can imagine.

The best way to start off in vector design

This free application will allow you to start creating your own graphics, by means of pencils, paintbrushes, basic forms, color palettes, animation tools, transparencies, texts and many other design options. By means of a recognizable interface, DrawPlus also allows you to export your designs that have been optimized to be sent by email, web, printer or any other format that you may require.

Some of the possibilities of this application are limited to the Pro version, but using the free application will help you to get used to using software that deals with vector images, especially due to the fact that this can sometimes be somewhat complex.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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