DriveImage XML


DriveImage XML is a program that has been conceived to carry out backups of any hard drive installed on our computer by means of creating disk images

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When we use a computer for work, we're always exposed to losing the data stored on the computer due to a human error, a virus or a flaw in any hardware device that we may be using, for which reason, it's important to have a program that allows us to save all our data in a comfortable and versatile manner.

One of the most efficient programs to create backups

DriveImage XML is an application that offers us the possibility to be able to save all the data that we have stored on our hard drive in a compressed disc image, which we can keep on a server so that restoring all the information of a device will be as easy and fast as possible.

Its interface isn't as appealing as other similar tools, but it isn't at all difficult to make the most of all the program's functions after only a few uses. This tool also offers us the possibility to automate the backups.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This program is free for personal use only.
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Antony Peel
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