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Egg Baby is a virtual pet that will live on your mobile phone. Look after and take care of your cute new virtual egg pet until it breaks out of its shell

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If you like having pets, you have to try out Egg Baby. You'll be able to have these cute egg-shaped pets on your phone, taking care of them so they grow happy and healthy until they break out of their shell, and a small creature is born. A different creature will hatch from each Egg Baby depending on the care received.

We don't choose the egg life. It chooses us.

Different personalities

In Egg Baby, each pet has a different personality and will develop differently to hatch into different creatures. You'll have to feed Egg Baby, wash it, put it to bed, tickle it and do whatever it needs.

Other features

  • You can choose between different pets.
  • Each egg can hatch into 6 different creatures.
  • You can play many different mini-games.
  • Collect the creatures that hatch in your garden.

Collect these cute virtual pets with Egg Baby.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.2.
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