The best kids' games on Android

Kids' games have been conceived for the youngest members of the household to have fun with contents adapted to their age, and with this list of the best games for children they can do so on Android

PK XD 1.52.9 English
PK XD 1.52.9

Social network very visual and aimed at the little ones

Gacha Life 1.1.14 English
Gacha Life 1.1.14

Make up stories with your own characters

My Talking Tom English
My Talking Tom

Take care of Tom the Cat ever since he's a baby

My Talking Angela English
My Talking Angela

Virtual pet game starring Angela the Cat

LEGO Juniors Create & Cruise 6.8.6085 English

Build LEGO vehicles from your phone

Avatar World Games for Kids 1.96 English

Design a kawaii world and its people

Toca Life World 1.91.1 English

A large digital dollhouse that connects all the games

YoYa Time 2.0 English

A fully moldable dollhouse

Dr. Panda's Restaurant: Asia 1.6.4 English

Make sushi with Dr. Panda

My Talking Hank: Islands English

Join your virtual pet and live a thousand adventures

Stories World Travels 1.2.8 English

Explore fascinating places in this virtual house of dolls

My Talking Tom 2 English
My Talking Tom 2

Pamper, care, and play with the most talkative cat

My Talking Hank English
My Talking Hank

Look after your puppy Hank

My Talking Angela 2 English
My Talking Angela 2

Angela the cat is back with more mini-games

Tom Loves Angela English

Help Tom to conquer this fussy cat

My Talking Tom Friends English

Take care of six virtual pets at the same time

My PlayHome Plus English

A complete dollhouse for Android

LEGO Juniors Quest 4.0.2 English

Become a LEGO policeman

LEGO DUPLO Town 2.8.1 English

Ideal for the little ones to build their dreams

Clumsy Ninja 1.33.5 English
Clumsy Ninja 1.33.5

Play with your ninja and help him find his friend

Baby Panda's Playhouse English

Collection of children's games to enhance creativity

My Little Pony: Magic Princess 9.3.0m English

Build Equestria and play with My Little Pony

Aha World 3.7.0 English
Aha World 3.7.0

A virtual dollhouse to tell your own stories

Baby Panda Care English
Baby Panda Care

Take care of an adorable little panda

Furby BOOM! 1.9.0 English

Take care of your new version of Furby

Tap the Frog 1.9.2 English

Mini-games that test your reaction skills

Monster Pet Shop English

Better than a 'Tamagotchi'

Paw Patrol Academy 2.2.0 English

Interactive minigames for kids featuring characters from PAW Patrol

LEGO Creator Islands 3.0.0 English

Build an entire island with LEGO

Talking Ben the Dog English

Spend time with a retired scientist

Purple Place 3.1.1 English

Collection of three children's mini-games

Cartoon Network GameBox 4.0.2 English

Play with Cartoon Network characters

Miga World 1.68 English

Create your own stories in a customized world

PlayKids 6.0.13 English
PlayKids 6.0.13

Games and educational videos for kids

Egg Baby 1.26.03 English
Egg Baby 1.26.03

Adopt an egg as a pet

Peppa Pig: Polly Parrot 1.0.13 English

Play with Peppa Pig, Polly Parrot, and their friends

Urban City Stories 1.4.3 English

Enjoy life in a new city

Sky Whale 3.1.1 English
Sky Whale 3.1.1

Ride the skies with the whale from the Game Shakers series

Club Penguin 1.6.23 English
Club Penguin 1.6.23

Join the famous Disney club

My Singing Monsters 4.3.3 English

Breed you own music monsters

Disney Colouring World 14.4.0 English

Color and play with Disney characters

Talking Gummy 4.7.1 English

The most famous gummy bear becomes your new virtual pet

Llama Spit Spit 1.1 English

Dynamic action game starring a spiting llama

Talking Ginger English
Talking Ginger

Play with the cat and make him happy

World of Peppa Pig 3.5.0 English

Play and learn with Peppa Pig and her family

Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. 2.0.2 English

Get hold of Bandai's original Tamagotchi

TO-FU Oh!SUSHI 2.9 English

Help this nice skunk to make sushi

Peppa in the Supermarket 1.0.10 English

Go shopping with Peppa

Piano Kids 3.33 English

Digital musical instruments for children and adults

Princess Salon 1.3.6 English

Dress and makeup princesses

Loomi World 1.8 English

An adorable dollhouse to unleash your imagination

My Talking Booba 3.8.8 English

Adopt a hobgoblin and make him your pet

Chuggington Ready to Build 2023.1.0 English

Build your own railway world in Chuggington

Shopkins World 4.1.4 English

Play with the Shopkins in a virtual world

Disney Junior Play 1.4.0 English

App with children's mini-games from the Disney universe

Little Panda's Restaurant English

Children's app for learning to cook while playing

Baby puzzles 8.1 English

Jigsaw puzzles to play with your child

Dr. Panda Town 24.2.88 English

Compilation of mini-games starring a friendly panda

Baby Panda World English
Baby Panda World

Compilation of children's games starring Baby Panda

Truck games for kids 12.0.5 English

Children's construction vehicle driving game

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures 2024.2.0 English

Life simulator with the most famous doll

Toca Boca Jr 2.7 English

Fun children's mini-games to explore and discover

Happy Meal App 9.9.1 English

New virtual surprises in your Happy Meal

Bubbu 1.116 English
Bubbu 1.116

Adopt a kitten as your virtual pet

Lottie Dottie Chicken 6.1.6 English

The chicken that teaches and entertains kids

Tamagotchi Classic 1.0.2 English

The classic Tamagotchi is back on Android

Toca Boca Outfit Ideas 1.0.0 English

Ideas for dressing your Toca Life characters

Baby Panda's School Bus English

Drive an adorable school bus

Wolfoo Kindergarten 1.5.0 English

Collection of mini-games for kids

Supermarket Cashier Simulator 2.3.2 English

Do you want to be a supermarket cashier?

Applaydu 4.6.0 English
Applaydu 4.6.0

Bring Kinder Surprise toys to life

Loud House 1.6.6 English
Loud House 1.6.6

Build your tree house with the characters from Loud House

My City: Pajama Party 4.0.2 English

A virtual dollhouse to organize a slumber party

Kiddopia 2.9.1 English
Kiddopia 2.9.1

Educational platform with games for kids

Bimi Boo Baby Phone 1.50 English

A phone for children with cute little animals

Pepi Wonder World 9.4.2 English

A kids' game based on classic children's tales

Talking Panda 1.5.4 English

Virtual Pet Game with a Panda Bear

Ricky Zoom: Welcome to Wheelford 1.5.0 English

The Ricky Zoom cartoon game

Hello Kitty Lunchbox 2023.3.2 English

A super cute kitchen game

Hello Kitty Nail Salon 2023.2.0 English

Paint nails with all the colors and stickers imaginable

My Boo 2.14.65 English
My Boo 2.14.65

A funny virtual pet

Baby Twins 1.2.6 English
Baby Twins 1.2.6

Help a mother to take care of her two young kids

Peppa Pig: Paintbox 1.2.6 English

Peppa Pig's coloring app

Descendants 1.23.386 English
Descendants 1.23.386

Become the most popular girl in Auradon

Baby games with Peppa 1.0.5 English

Take Peppa and George to jump in the puddles

Avatar Life: My World 0.4.3 English

Create your characters and play with them in a dollhouse

Emma's World 2.1 English

Play with Emma and her friends in this virtual dollhouse

Little Panda's Town: My World English

Explore a city and experience lots of new activities

My City: Apartment Playhouse 3.0.3 English

A virtual doll's house with many surprises

PAW Patrol Rescue World 2024.5.0 English

Complete rescue missions with PAW Patrol

Fluvsies 1.0.1012 English
Fluvsies 1.0.1012

A cute pet game for Android

Toca Hair Salon 4 2.4 English

Turns the little ones into intrepid hairdressers

Papumba 1.891 English
Papumba 1.891

Prepare the kids for school

Pokémon Playhouse 1.2.2 English

Explore colorful settings in the company of pokémon

Baby Panda's Supermarket English

Educational game to learn to go shopping

Mimitos Virtual Cat 2.50.1 English

A very loving virtual pet

Pippi Life 1.10 English

Customize each doll any way you like

Bluey 2024.8.0 English
Bluey 2024.8.0

A virtual doll's house to play with Bluey and his friends

Builder Game 1.62 English

Work as a builder and take on all kinds of tasks

Bunnsies 1.0.63 English
Bunnsies 1.0.63

Collect adorable virtual bunnies

Tizi Town 4.11.1 English
Tizi Town 4.11.1

Furnish a virtual dollhouse

Labo Tank 1.0.561 English
Labo Tank 1.0.561

A tank game for kids

My City: Grandparents Home 4.0.2 English

Visit your grandparents in this virtual doll house

Starfall 3.0.78 English
Starfall 3.0.78

Educational activities for kids sorted into levels

The Fresh Heads Mini Garden 2.2.2 English

Tips for growing a small vegetable garden at home

Otter Ocean 2.16.10 English
Otter Ocean 2.16.10

Discover the secrets under the ocean in the company of lovely otters

Tizi Daycare 1.9 English

Caring for babies in a nursery

L.O.L. Surprise! Disco House 2.5.159 English

Have fun with the mini-games and discover new dolls

Dinosaur Garbage Truck 1.1.1 English

Dinosaurs manage the city's waste system

Marvel Hero Tales 3.5.3 English

Learn English with Marvel Superheroes

Pepi House 1.2.02 English
Pepi House 1.2.02

A doll's house with cute characters

Baby Panda's Carnival English

Our favorite panda goes to the amusement park

My Town: Grandparents 7.00.10 English

Visit the grandparents' house in this virtual dollhouse

My Town: Play & Discover 1.46.3 English

A doll's house that covers an entire city

Kpopsies 1.0.198 English
Kpopsies 1.0.198

Game where we get to have unicorns as virtual pets

Kids Preschool Games 4.4 English

Collection of 12 educational mini-games for kids

Bini Super ABC! 3.4.1 English

Fun game for children to learn the alphabet

Baby Panda's Hospital English

Dr. Panda's medical practice

Little Panda's Space Kitchen English

Game for children where they will cook for robots and astronauts

Barbie Room Decoration 2.3.0 English

Decorate Barbie's living room to your liking

Kid-E-Cats 4.6 English

Collection of educational games featuring the cartoon series characters

Robobloq 1.9.2 English
Robobloq 1.9.2

Build your own robot in the digital world

Magic Kinder 7.1.140 English
Magic Kinder 7.1.140

A safe space for children to play

Monster High Beauty Shop: Fangtastic Fashion Game 5.1.10 English

The Monster High beauty parlor for Android

Peppa kids mini games 1.0.6 English

Six Peppa Pig game for the little'ns

Adoraboo 1.2.010 English
Adoraboo 1.2.010

Take care of a ghost that only wants your love and attention

Girl Squad 2.2 English

Create all kinds of ideal outfits

SpongeBob Adventures: In A Jam 2.10.4 English

Rebuild Bikini Bottom together with SpongeBob and friends

My City: Bank 4.0.0 English

A virtual doll's house inspired by a bank

Candy House Cleaning 1.0.2 English

Clean and decorate a candy house

Princesses 1.0.78 English
Princesses 1.0.78

Collect princesses in a magic castle

My City: Jail House 3.0.0 English

An interactive prison in dollhouse format

Kutuki 0.53.1 English
Kutuki 0.53.1

Educational platform for preschoolers

Trotties 1.7 English

The Famosa dolls star in their own video game

My City: NewYork Trip 3.0.0 English

Travel to New York through this dollhouse.

GraphoGame English 1.0.8 English

Educational games that teach children how to read

Lila's World 0.52.0 English
Lila's World 0.52.0

A virtual dollhouse full of color and interactive elements

Smile and Learn 7.5.17 English

An extraordinary collection of games for children

YoYa 3.16 English
YoYa 3.16

A beautiful virtual doll's house to play at your leisure

Baby Panda Dental Care English

Little panda bear sets up his own dental clinic for animals

Miga Town: My Store 1.4 English

A very cute dollhouse to go shopping

Baby Dragons 3.1.1 English

Ever After High dragons come to life on your cell phone

KidloLand 16.7 English
KidloLand 16.7

Collection of games, songs, and activities for toddlers

Keep Your House Clean 1.2.70 English

Clean all the accumulated dirt in a house

Gabbys Dollhouse 2.7.8 English

Play with Gabby and Pandy Patitas in their virtual dollhouse.

My Town: Car Garage 1.17 English

Have fun at My Town's Garage: Car Garage

My Town: Cinema 1.15 English

A cinema converted into a dollhouse

My Little Princess Fairy 7.00.16 English

A bespoken interactive fairy tale

Talking Pengu & Penga Penguin 240115 English

Mini-game collection hosted by two mischievous penguins

Noggin 227.11.0 English
Noggin 227.11.0

Nickelodeon Jr. app with games for kids