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Talking Gummy is a fun game designed primarily for young children in which we will get to hang out with the most famous gummy bear in gummy bear history


The most famous gummy bear becomes your new virtual pet

May 13, 2024
7 / 10

Following in the footsteps of other famous titles, like Talking Tom, the world's most famous gummy bear arrives to keep us company on our Android. Give this little green bear a home on your device and let your kids have a whale of a time with their new interactive pet.

A casual game for kids to have some fun family time

A very sweet virtual pet

Talking Gummy is a very nice game especially designed for young kids. Using the different options, they will be able to interact with the gummy bear and do the following things:

  • Take photos with the bear in augmented reality.
  • Play the tuba.
  • Listen to music and have him do different kinds of dances.
  • Play two mini-games.

In one of the mini-games we will have to play the notes to the beat of the music (Guitar Hero style), while in the other we will have to eat all of the gummy bears in an act of cannibalism while avoiding the musical instruments. Also, in the former we will be able to choose the level of difficulty - easy, medium or difficult.

Tap the screen to see Gummy Bear's funny reations and learn to play the tuba with your new casual virtual pet!

Of course, featured among the great tunes is the famous 'The Gummy Bear Song'. In fact, it is the only one that is unlocked at the beginning, the others have to be paid for. Moreover, the little ones will have a get a kick out of the bear's funny reactions and the function for repeating sentences in a distorted voice. This is certainly a great option for having a fun time at home with the littl'uns.

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