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Little Panda's Restaurant is an amazing game app for children where they will discover the wonders of cooking and get in touch with virtual kitchens


Children's app for learning to cook while playing

January 30, 2024
6 / 10

The BabyBus studio brings us once again another fantastic educational game for Android devices, starring our favorite panda bears. On this occasion, the kids will have to manage a colorful restaurant in the forest, making all kinds of food to feed the hungry little animals that visit the establishment.

Little Panda's Restaurant is a restaurant simulation game similar to many others in the Android catalog. The difference is the audience since this game is aimed at kids over three years old. The game offers a realistic experience, making the kitchen fun and accessible to everyone. The problem is the massive amount of advertisement, something that in a children's game can be a big drawback.

Do you want to be a world-class chef?

Become the best chef in the forest

To play this game, we have to roll up our sleeves and cook. To become the best chef we will have to follow the recipe step by step, using different kitchen tools and appliances, such as the oven, blender, grill and, more. We will start by preparing the ingredients, cutting and mixing them. Every dish has a different recipe, making it very diverse and entertaining.

Once we cook a recipe, three plates will appear so we can serve our creation to the customers. Every time we serve a dish to a customer, we will earn coins that we must use to unlock new dishes from the menu and make happy all the little hungry creatures of the forest.

Since it is a game aimed at kids, it is a bit slow and lacks texts, offering all its instructions through audios. With this game, there are no wrong answers, and the speed is quite slow as well, in contrast to other similar games where the objective is to stress out the player so they serve all the clients in the shortest time possible to obtain the maximum score. This game is the absolute opposite, so you can take it easy.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.2.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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