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Pepi Wonder World is a children's game that features interactive settings based on the traditional tales of fairies, knights, dragons, and princesses


A kids' game based on classic children's tales

May 7, 2024
7 / 10

Traditional tales continue to be a source of inspiration for all kinds of children's games, such as Pepi Wonder World. The game features knights, princesses, wizards, dragons, pirates, and fairies, and the littluns can have fun creating all sorts of interactive scenes.

An interactive game based on elements of classic children's tales

The game features a range of settings with characters and places that belong to each of them, such as a castle, a magic mountain, or the witch's house. Interactive items and characters are found in all of them and can be moved and placed in all kinds of scenarios.

The game seeks to enhance creativity and imagination through the creation of stories and the merging of all kinds of items in order to create new ones. There are no objectives or stories to follow, only characters that can evolve depending on the decisions taken, without pretending to do much more than pique children's curiosity.

These are the main features and functions to be found in this children's game:

  • More than 100 different characters including knights, princesses, unicorns, pirates, witches...
  • Create characters like monsters and dragons, and build ships and houses.
  • Animations and sounds that can be played using musical instruments, crafting magic items, or cooking food.
  • Hidden items for which hidden keys and spellbooks will have to found.
  • A range of islands, all featuring a different setting.

Requirements and additional information:

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