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Tom Loves Angela is a mating game in which you'll have to help Tom to win over the love of Angela. It's as easy as downloading the game to your Android


Help Tom to conquer this fussy cat

November 10, 2020
9 / 10

Cats aren't usually romantic animals but movies and other myths have led us to think otherwise. What happens when a cat falls in love is far from what we'll see in Tom Loves Angela but don't let reality muck up a great game. So who cares if it's all about having fun. And now you too can also do so totally free from your Android phone or tablet.

Help Tom to conquer Angela's heart.

Just like in the majority of games of Outfit7's Talking saga, the main character will repeat exactly what you say with a very funny voice. You can sing a duet with Angela, give her a present (she'll like some of them more than others) or see how Ginger hits Tom on the head with a flowerpot. You can also try swiping over Tome, tapping the guys, blowing into your device or shaking it to see what happens to this couple. Like what you're doing? Record it on video and share it with the world. But one of the greatest functions of Tom Loves Angela is the fact that you can chat with here from the love letter icon.

Tom will repeat whatever you say. He will even sing!

What can I talk to Angela about?

You can talk to this cat about all sorts of philosophical topics such as love, friendship, movies, school... You can speak out loud or write down whatever you want to tell her, and she'll reply by voice and text. Here are a few tips and tricks to try out whilst you're chatting with her:

  • Ask her to tell you a joke by writing 'tell me a joke'.
  • Get ready to go for a test by writing 'quiz' or 'play quiz'.
  • Answer whatever you want whenever she asks you something.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
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