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The eggplant, the ballerina, the laughing cat... Have you ever wondered which is the emoji people use the most on Twitter? emojitracker has the answer


Discover the most popular Twitter emojis

November 11, 2022
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The webapp emojitracker is a tool that shows you which emoticons are used the most, in real-time on Twitter worldwide. This is an experiment originally designed in 2013 by Matthew Rothenberg, although the Emojipedia team is responsible for its maintenance currently.

Twitter popular emoticons updated in real-time

This app is extremely easy to operate: all you need to do is open the webapp and check how the numbers increase. So, the interface shows an organized list of the most popular Twitter emoticons based on how often they are uses (overwhelmingly led by the laughing emoji with tears in the eyes).

A real-time tracking experiment of all emojis used on Twitter.

This information is updated in real-time and includes fast visuals in constant change. In this regard, the developer warns that it is possible that the interface may trigger epilepsy-related symptoms.

In addition, if you click each icon, you will see how its popularity ranks, what it means, and a list of live updated tweets where that emoji has been used. The downside is that closing this menu on a cell phone can be a bit hard given how small the button is.

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