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Obtain real-time data about the most used emoticons on Twitter thanks to emojitracker. emojitracker also offers you the tweets that make use of them

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Which is the most used emoji or emoticon on Twitter? Maybe the paw print, the ball or the french fries? Find out for yourself thanks to emojitracker.

The popularity level of all emojis in depth

This emoticon tracker tells you in real time which ones are being used on the microblogging social network. Each time one is used, it lights up and its counter increases, giving you information about the popularity of each one of them.

Which is the most popular emoticon at present?

But there's a lot more to it

By clicking on any of them, emojitracker offers you a panel that provides you with specific data about the emoticon in question, such as its popularity range, its category, or even more interesting, the real-time tweets that incorporate it.

Access emojitracker and keep a close eye on the impact of your favorite emoticons.

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