Minecraft Classic Online

Build with blocks in Minecraft Classic. Discover everything you can create with building blocks, build a virtual world by accessing Minecraft Classic
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If you like building games, play Minecraft Classic for free on your PC and build anything you can imagine with blocks.

Start a game and discover a different world to be explored.

Minecraft Classic will offer you a different environment each time you connect. Thus, each time you play you will have to adapt your constructions to the environment and the orography which you encounter.

Build on your own or with the help of friends

If you have ever played with building blocks like LEGO, you'll know the satisfaction of creating your own creations. In Minecraft Classic you will be able to create without any other limit than that of your imagination. You will be able to build a world as you go, on your own or collaborating with other users in the multiplayer mode.

Is this version of Minecraft free?

Minecraft Classic is an old version of Minecraft, thus it's no longer developed. But you can play on your own or with other users in the multiplayer mode. Unlike the paid version, in Minecraft Classic you won't have to fight for survival.

Access this Minecraft for free from your browser and discover why it has surprised so many players.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires having Java installed.
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