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Emoticon Maker is a tool with which you will be able to create your own emoticons. Download Emoticon Maker for free and customize the emoticons you use


Create your own emoticons in a very simple and quick manner

June 23, 2010
8 / 10

If you're tired of always using the same emoticons, you have to try out Emoticon Maker. This simple program will allow you to create new emoticons from any image or photo.

Generate and customize your own emoticons

It is a free application with which you can create animated emoticons from any animated GIF. Its functions are really basic: you just have to open an image file (it has support for BMP, JPEG, GIF, and PNG), to select the areas and the orientation of the image to be converted into an emoticon, and finally, you just have to name it and save it. With these simple steps, you will be able to use emoticons created by you.

Furthermore, the application will allow you to create large animated emoticons or smaller static icons.

If you think that the emoticon that you have created is really great, and everyone should see it, the software developer offers you the possibility to include it in a gallery, so that the rest of users can see it and use it if they like it.

With Emoticon Maker you'll be able to stand out from the rest of people in Windows Live Messenger or on your favorite social networks, and thus leave behind the typical smileys.

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