Customization for Windows

Give your Windows computer a personal touch to differentiate it from any other computer thanks to our long list of customization applications

God of War 3 Theme English

God of War 3 desktop theme

Oceanis Change Background Windows 7 English

Change the wallpaper of Windows 7 automatically

SereneScreen Marine Aquarium 3.3 English

Place a fish tank as your PC's screensaver

Windows Sidebar XP 6.0 English

Install Windows Sidebar on Windows XP

8 Skin Pack 3.0 English

Transform Windows 7 into Windows 8

RealWorld Cursor Editor 2013.1 English

Design and customize Windows cursors

Multibar English

A useful toolbar to be placed on your desktop

Vista Sidebar 3.1 English

Get hold of the Vista widgets on Windows XP

Crystal XP Bricopack 3.0 English
Crystal XP Bricopack 3.0

Give your Windows XP an entertaining touch

Lion Transformation Pack 1.0 English

The interface of Mac OS X 10.7 on your Windows

Windows 7 DreamScene Activator 1.1 English

Use videos as desktop wallpaper with DreamScene

Font Creator 11.5 English

Create fonts for your documents

Fortnite Wallpapers Pack English

Pack of wallpapers for Fortnite

Colorflow 1.0 English

Stylish and modern icon pack with a Mac style

Suitcase Fusion English
Suitcase Fusion

Manage your PC's fonts

Folder Colorizer English

Give Windows Explorer some color

XWindows Dock 5.6 English

The best dock for Windows

Windows 8 UX Pack 9.1 English

Make Windows 7 seem like Windows 8

IconPackager 10.02 English

Customize your PC with original icons

Clover 3.5.2 English
Clover 3.5.2

Multi-tab function for Windows Explorer

Messenger Aero Switcher 14.0.8089.0726 English
Messenger Aero Switcher 14.0.8089.0726

Deactivate the Aero interface in Windows Live Messenger

DimScreen 1.1 English

Adjust your monitor's brightness

CloseAll 4.8 English

Close open windows

Vista Transformation Pack 9.0.1 English

Transform your Windows XP's appearance to Windows Vista Logon Changer 3.1.0 English

Customize your logon screen

Ubuntu Transformation Pack XP English

Improve the aspct of Windows XP, and make it look like Ubuntu

MaxiVista 4.0.12 English
MaxiVista 4.0.12

Use up to four computers to extend your desktop

Windows 8 Transformation Pack 9.1 English

Transform your user interface into the Windows 8 interface

Logon Screen Rotator 4.4 English

Change the Windows logon screen randomly

CursorFX 2.16 English
CursorFX 2.16

Customise the Windows cursors to your liking

WebShots Desktop English
WebShots Desktop

Download a wide range of photos and wallpapers

Snow Transformation Pack 1.5 English

Enjoy the aesthetics of Snow Leopard while working on Windows

MacType 1.17.0628 English
MacType 1.17.0628

Get hold of fonts like those of Mac

Seven Remix XP 4.0 English

Transform your XP into Windows 7

Seven Transformation Pack 5.1 English

Transform Windows XP into Windows 7

Vista Rainbar 4.3 English

Get hold of Vista's sidebar for your Windows XP

Isso Pack 5 build 5037 English
Isso Pack 5 build 5037

Convert your Windows XP in Mac OS X, Vista or Windows 7

SeaStorm 3D Screensaver 1.5 English

Live a sea storm from your computer

Brico Pack Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2 1.0 English

Make your Windows XP look like Windows Vista

QuickLook 3.6.9 English
QuickLook 3.6.9

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