Seven Transformation Pack

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Seven Transformation Pack will allow you to change the aspect of Windows XP to make it look like Windows 7. Enjoy a more modern interface on your computer


Transform Windows XP into Windows 7

April 1, 2011
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Seven Transformation Pack is a tool that will allow you to change the graphic appearance of Windows XP so that it looks like the latest operating system by Microsoft: Windows 7. If you like how Windows XP works, but you would like to have a graphical interface that's slightly more modern, install Seven Transformation Pack on your computer.

Turn your XP into Windows 7

Once Seven Transformation Pack is installed, you'll be able to enjoy almost all the elements of the Windows 7 interface: the startup screen, the start menu, the visual styles, the toolbar, the sounds, the desktop and the icons. To manage all the latter, Seven Transformation Pack uses third party tools to recreate the features of Windows 7. It uses ViStar to emulate the start menu; True Transparency for the windows' transparency; Vista Rainbar to be able to include the desktop widgets and ViSplore for the address bar.

With Seven Transformation Pack you'll be able to keep on using Windows XP, but by means of a renovated interface that is much more modern and that is nearly identical to Windows 7. And if you get tired, you'll be able to uninstall Seven Transformation Pack and return to the previous interface.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Only works on Windows XP.
  • This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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