Snow Transformation Pack


Snow Transformation Pack provides your Windows OS with the elegant appearance of a Mac OS X. Download Snow Transformation Pack free on your PC and enjoy it!


Enjoy the aesthetics of Snow Leopard while working on Windows

February 14, 2011
8 / 10

Snow Transformation Pack, also known as STP, instantly transforms your Windows operating system to look just like Snow Leopard. It's a tool, developed by the same group that created the Vista Transformation Pack, that will allow you to enjoy the neat design of the graphical interface that Apple developed for their operating system: Mac OS X.

Different ways of customizing your system

  • Performance, that will modify the system files and install components without launching third party applications.
  • Completed, that does include some extra tweaks to improve the user experience.
  • Customize, that will allow you to personally choose which changes you want to install.

After launching this application your system's looks will totally change, the icons, the windows, the sounds, the wallpaper, the visual styles,... it will even have a dock just like a Mac. Nevertheless, to avoid risks and losing information from your computer it's convenient to create a backup before starting the transformation process. Live the Snow Leopard experience on Windows, thanks to Snow Transformation Pack.

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