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If you use Windows Vista, but you really like what Apple OS look like you can download Vista OS X for free. Transform your Vista into a Mac OS X interface


Make Windows Vista look like Mac OS X

June 2, 2010
5 / 10

Although Windows Vista meant a real step forward with regard to the Windows graphical environment, the truth is that Mac OS X is still a few steps in front. But applications like Vista OS X will help to get a look&feel similar to that of the Apple system.

Convert Windows Vista into Mac

This application won't vary how the system works, in other words, it isn't going to change the way in which you work, but it will show a vast amount of redesigns and very interesting innovations. The windows will no longer be transparent and a predetermined color, to now become metallic, with rounder edges and with some aesthetic changes to simulate even more the Mac OS X system.

With Vista OS X some of the icons will also change, you'll obtain new desktop wallpapers, design changes for some common applications and some very interesting tools like the dock and the classic piles and stacks of Mac OS X, that for a moment will make you feel as if you were using a Mac instead of Windows.

To carry out all these changes, Vista OS X needs to access some system files, so it wouldn't be at all strange for a series of security notifications to appear.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires that you have Windows Vista Service Pack 1.
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